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Gay Americans Are Quitting the United States

Without legislation like the Uniting American Families Act to sponsor immigration for same-sex foreign partners, and without eliminating laws like the Defense of Marriage Act, untold thousands of gay Americans are finding it easier to just up and leave the United States’ borders for lands where being a homo doesn’t mean choosing between being alone and being with the one you love, who happens to hold citizenship in another country. And some of them are leaving behind their American citizenship to do it.

While it’s unclear how many of the increasing number of Americans denouncing their citizenship and moving abroad (235 people in 2008, 735 people in 2009) are because of same-sex marriage and immigration frustration, or Americans who find it easier for taxation and banking to have citizenship elsewhere, it’s worth noting that gay Americans face multiple obstacles by remaining in the U.S.

While some hetero Americans might revoke their citizenship for a tax break, the gays might do it for a tax break (they are refused because of DOMA) and the not-so-small matter of actually being able to live with their partner.