Gay Anglican Priest Ousted For Inviting 2 Royal Soldiers Into His Bed

The Rev. David Gilmore, of St. Anne’s Anglican Church in London’s Soho district, was found guilty of “conduct unbecoming or inappropriate to the office and work of a clerk in Holy Orders” by a tribunal looking into allegations the 40-year-old openly gay priest treated two guests — a member of the Royal Air Force and a Royal Navy sailor who were staying with him after a gay rights conference in December 2009 — to an evening of wine, conversations about his sexual conquests, and an invitation to share his bed. They declined, and claim Gilmore entered their room the following morning in the nude. Gilmore — who in 2009 defended in court the right of prostitutes to operate a brothel — has been dismissed from the church.

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  • divkid

    i dont know. he was gay .they were gay. he was sigle and proudly unashamably gay. too unashamably. he tried it on, but he didnt rape them. just embarrased them .and even more himself. now publicly. thats punishment enough. no real harm done. the lads shoulda just turned the other cheek:P

  • kayla

    He’s a perv and deserved to be defrocked!! He apparently is not really a Christian anyway, so why did he feel the need to pretend to be one? Now he can screw any and everything that moves, since that’s obviously what he wants. Why pretend to be a true believer when he obviously is just a whore in priest’s clothing. Just go be a whore and leave the church alone.

  • scott ny'er

    oh man, why an openly gay priest. I only like these type of news stories when it’s some priest who is closeted AND is anti-gay.

    These just gives gays a bad name.

  • justiceontherocks

    He was a disgrace to the church . . . going after guys above the legal age. Shame shame.

  • scribe


  • Cam


    Where is your source for the fact that he obviously isn’t a christian? Please don’t try to say that his behavior isn’t Christian because if that was the only way to label somebody then 99% of the ministers in the various christian chruches as well as all the govt. officials that claim to be Christian wouldn’t qualify.

  • kayla

    @Cam: Most so-called Christians will be told “I never knew ye, depart from me”. The Church needs to root all of these pervs out! I would be happier with a tiny church as long as the people are pure in heart. Let all the heathens go elsewhere. After all, narrow is the path…

  • kayla

    Judging from that double chin, those two young men must have been in a terrible fright when he came into their room in the full monty!! Ugh..why don’t pervs take NO for an answer….

  • cls

    Out with him. No one should have two Royal soldiers in their bed until everyone has had one.

  • Charlie Jackpot

    Come on soldiers are hot – everyone would have tried it on

  • Jesus Christ Almighty


    Hey, thanks for jumping in on the judgment, but I can probably handle it on my own.

    Carry on.

  • divkid

    @kayla: kayla he is an anglican they’re not celibate. his straight colleagues have options he hasn’t got open to him. its difficult enough for young gay men to negotiate gay relationships in this society, the blue print is pretty much not there. and how much more difficult must it be for an older man and in his profession – – he’s not allowed to marry, or be in a partnership, officially that is, but this is england so we turn a blind eye, give him the nod, as long as he’s discrete. because again celibacy is not demanded of him. sex is fine. that is, as long as your married. ok, right there. brick wall. see mixed messages. they would fuck any one up.

    what he did was tacky. and showed poor judgement. or maybe just the deepest loneliness that you cant even imagine.

    try to imagine.

    then judge. if you must.

  • kayla

    @divkid: I’m fully aware of what an Anglican priest can and cannot do. Since I was born in a former British Colony and baptized in the Anglican church! As far as I know fornication is still a sin. If you want your priests whoring around, then start a church where that is allowed. I certainly don’t want mine.

  • kayla

    @divkid: He obviously knows the church’s official dogma, if he knew he couldn’t hack it he should’ve left the church…Of course, we know the reason he chose to stay is for the free room and board, how very pathetic…And the fact that he gets to lure unsuspecting young men into his home, because everyone trusts a priest…

  • divkid

    o-kay..i get were your coming from. oh boy do i.

    so for you to be morally consistant i guess you must also be against all that “so called progress” in the episcopal church over there?

    and your position on the ant-gay african churches?

    with allies like you my love…

  • Joe

    says Kayla here on QUEERTY (go elsewhere homophobic shrew)

  • kayla

    @divkid: Is whoring around a progressive value? This priest is a Lecher, by everything I can figure out. Here is a man who brought two young men into his house, boasted to them about his prior sexual conquests and then offered to add them to his list. When they refused he couldn’t take NO for an answer and apparently felt that the sight of his naked body would be enough to get them to have sex with him…What more need be said. We must have some standards for God’s sake…

  • kayla

    @Joe: I’m not a homophobe…Wow, apparently being against lecherous priests is against what this web site stands for. I’m pro marriage equality and actually prayed for the end of DADT. I actually got down on my knees on Saturday December 18th for equal treatment in the military. But because I think priests should act…well…like respectable human beings, I’m a homophobe?? What is this world coming to???

  • kayla

    @Joe: Also I’m 21 and I don’t think I’m yet to be classified as a shrew, but that was a rather funny thing to say, I actually laughed…I must just use it on one of my girlfriends…when they piss me off.

  • ewe

    Would straight anglican priests be ousted for inviting 2 royal soldiers into their beds?

  • divkid

    @kayla:i think for all your im hip ‘n’ down with the gays posture, your rhetoric betrays a residue of homophobic thinking it would be amazing if it didn’t. i know i still have traces of homophobic thinking no doubt a legacy of my irish-catholic background (now agnostic/atheist). you certainly evince a judgementally anti anti-sex vibe that your probably not even aware of (“fornication”!?) no doubt inculcated by the church.

    but i m glad you’re looking out for us. ive recently took a good look at myself and didn’t like the intolerant things i was saying about peoples faith. im actually genuinely moved that you care enough to pray for a more just society. we really do need religious allies.
    however, patronisation alert: you *are* young and sometimes that goes along with being very judgemental and dealing in very black and white certainties that you’ll find life just wont conform to. looking for the perfectibility of man (even a minister) is a sure way life of disillusionment and despair. and think of all the people who would fail that test . even otherwise great men: MLK. my all time favourite quote: of the crooked timber of humanity no straight thing was ever made (emmanuel kant).

    we’re only human we all judge other peoples actions. usually more harshly than our own. but some do it more reluctantly than others and in the light of compassion and empathy; others rush to judgement and take delight in it, to make themselves feel more virtuous. forgive the phrase, i usually use it in a snarky way, but this time i mean it: what would jesus do?

    hope this hasn’t come off as a lecture. ive read other comments you’ve made and you genuinely come across as a likeable insightful person. if it wasn’t an empty gesture id wish that god bless you. peace kayla.

  • kayla

    @Joe: Okay, I looked up the word “shrew” in my dictionary and…yes…I am a shrew, just not a homophobic one.

  • divkid

    @kayla:lol yes you’ve come out of the shrew closet. its no bad thing. as long as we’ve got you in our corner. you can be our weapon. no fuckers gonna touch us wit ya nasty rodenty teeth.

    only for heavens sake not a “common” shrew. where a very refined community don’cha know.

    mwaah + mwaah.

  • adman

    @kayla: It seems you’re really just awfully self important for someone who knows almost nothing of which you speak. How’s that high horse treating you? Would you like a subsidy to feed the nag? I bet you would…

  • GetBalance

    @kayla . . . Seems none of us here are really into taming of a shrew. At least not a female one. With your seething anger judgement, lack of compassion, and your motorcycle manners, seem to be clamoring for attention for redemption. Perhaps a more elastic audience for you elsewhere?

  • Leroy Laflamme

    @divkid: That’s unashamedly, not unashamably. well, supposably …

  • Gay Republican

    @kayla: Please crawl back into the hole you crawled out of.

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