Gay Anthology Edits Out The Gays

While Russian activist Nicolas Alexeyev faces potential slander charges for outing anti-gay politico Alexander Chuev, gay editor Vladimir Kirsanov’s new anthology, Liberty Life takes a less robust approach to gay politics.

A collection of stories from sixteen gay authors, the anthology takes a look at gay life in Russia – minus the gay. While some would hope a gay anthology would attempt to stir the shit, Kirsanov hopes to avoid controversy:

I regularly think in my head about what the grandma in the bookstore who opens the book will say. I’m always a little afraid and am reluctant to have problems with the government. I wanted a collection of authors that wouldn’t arouse such a reaction.

It’s a shame a democratic government such as Russia’s would instill so much fear that even the gays are editing themselves. But, as we’ve seen, democracy doesn’t always equal liberal freedom.