Gay Art Invades Mexico City Metro

Mexico City’s quite the artistic hub – even their metro stations are brimming with it! Blogger Daniel Hernandez tells us that various stations have permanent and temporary exhibits for the “working man’s museum” – and some of the shows are getting gay:

These are images from “Familias Mexicanas,” currently on view at metro Centro Medico, a transfer point for Lines 3 and 9. It is a series of photographs by Oscar Sanchez doumenting same-sex couples in the capital, in their domestic spaces.

In the image above are Alfonso and Ruben, who according to the exhibit materials first met when Ruben was 11 and Alfonso was 18. Seven years later they ran into each other on the train, and immediately became a couple. They’re in an “open relationship,” hence the guy in the middle. Also, I noticed they’re both wearing the Star of David.

Jews in Mexico?! You learn something new everyday…

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  • Darth Paul

    The quote may be out of context…I’m just responding to the text in this particular article.
    But wearing a magan David and getting a lotta Jew IN you (like B. Spears) doesn’t make you a Jew.

    (Jews are everywhere, btw.)

  • Sergio

    there are different kinds of people in Mexico’s big cities, like jews, lebanese, eastern europeans, east asians etc.

  • david

    There is a large Jewish community in Mexico City, especially in neighborhoods like Polanco. Welcome to the world!

  • No 4

    LOL. Of course there are Jews in Mexico. You should do some research on who really immgrated to Mexico. We’re not just a bunch of fruit picking indegenous people. I have blue eyes, light skin, speak Spanish and an uncut penis. What more could I want?

  • RPCV

    Me encanta los hombres de México. Por lo tanto, muchos de ellos son allegre, también. Los cruceros los parques por la noche al igual que lo hacemos aquí en los estados. En El Paso, que puedo obtener Latinos durante todo el día en Tres Equis tienda de libros de forma gratuita. En la Ciudad de Mexico, hay muchos bares allegre en la Zona Rosa, donde los chicos gringos amor y suelen ser gratuitos. Sus cuerpos son hermosos.

  • brian

    My family is from Mexico City and I have a lifetime of trying to explain the differences in Mexicans throughout the country but nobody knows anything until they’ve seen it themselves. Explore Mexico City it’s not burrito-cerveza-whatever you think it is. That’s just a segment of the population. Art has always been important in Mexico City.

  • jose luis

    In mexico there are Jews, Lebanese, Spaniards and so on. just tell you that there jacobs in mexico since 1800.
    There are Jesuit universities, opus day, la salle, many wealthy are a clear example are the owners of the cerveza corona but Mexicans of Spanish origin or the Lebanese carlos slim as the second richest in the world.

    Not all are like mexican gangs (garbage) white people there are good genetic and studied under the best universities, there are areas of rich lomas, bosques , Santa Fe, Polanco, and so on. have sun and business houses in mexico and many of them live in San Diego, Houston, Miami, New York.
    have porche’s, Ferrari’s , jets, which guards the monitor so that no kidnapping.
    “Not all Mexicans come from indigenous race”

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