Gay Artist Knows Dick

Jack Davis knows a thing or two about penises. Aside from his faggotry-induced intimacy with the phallus, the San Francisco-based artist has dedicated his gem of a new show to men’s jewels.

Opening this weekend at Mark I. Chester’s studio, Davis’ show features countless crocheted crotches in a variety of shapes, colors and, yes, sizes. Look, touch and smell, but whatever you do, don’t call them Davis’ dicks. As he tells Chester:

…There is an element of humor in my work, how could there not be? Whenever I talk about my work with people, it isn’t long before they start laughing about questions like ‘How are your penises hung?�’ But I do take my work seriously.

It comes from being an art student for seven years. I use the word ‘penis’ instead of ‘dick’ or ‘cock’ specifically because I think it’s a more serious term.

So, what’s the obsession with penises? Davis sums it up, “Well, I am a fag.” Now that’s an artistic statement.

If you want to get a glimpse of Davis’ dicks – sorry, penises – head on over to Mark I. Chester’s studio (1129 Folsom Street) between May 13-June 10.