Gay Artists Have Five-Minute Makeout Sesh In Ocean To “Send Love To France”

send-love-to-franceSit back and enjoy this passionate five-minute makeout session as Miami filmmaker Pioneer Winter and actor Jared Sharon roll around in the sand, down into the water, and back onto a beach blanket without ever pulling their tongues out of each other’s mouths.

Yes, this is an ad for something, but it’s also performance art.

The unabashed PDA piece is titled “Send Our Love To France”, and took place during the Florida/France Festival, an annual celebration that brings French culture to Miami-Dade.

And like all European art, “Send Our Love To France” is about so much more than what you see on the surface:

For this piece “Send Our Love to France” two men will lay on the shoreline and kiss passionately, while their bodies roll together in the surf, their love will be carried by the North Atlantic Ocean into the Bay of Biscay and absorbed by bodies on the Western banks of France.

Wow! Let’s just hope their love isn’t lost in the Bermuda Triangle on the way.