Gay Asylum Fight In Australia

Australia’s immigration service comes under homo fire this morning.

Bangladeshi national Biplob Hossain flew to Australia six years ago as a student and, while there, came out of the closet. Fearing a return to closeted life back home, Hossain applied for asylum. Rather than granting his request, the government tossed him in prison for 29 months before releasing him into a government owned apartment, for which they charge him rent. The Refugee Review Tribunal and High Court have both rejected his claims.

Hossain now has one hope: Minister for Immigration, Senator Chris Evans (pictured), who says he understands Hossain’s plight:

Although a person’s sexual orientation does not of itself enable a person to be granted asylum, Australia has accepted, on occasions, that gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender asylum seekers have well-founded fears of persecution in their country of origin

The Senator has not, however, said whether he’ll rule in Hossain’s favor.

Twenty-six year old Hossain, meanwhile, issued this plea to Evans: “I beg him to let me stay, and to save my life. I’ll not do any harm to this country. I want to finish my study and become a taxpayer and a good citizen, and contribute to Australia. Please let me stay.”