Gay At The Games: Opening Weekend At The 2012 Summer Olympics

This weekend the Olympic Games in London got off to a quirky—okay, downright bizarre—start with an opening ceremony that saw Queen Elizabeth playing a Bond girl and Mary Poppins doing battle with Lord Voldemort.

Our favorite part of the intro, of course, was the brief lesbian kiss between actresses from an episode of the 1990s soap opera Brookside. Not that we haven’t seen girls kiss before, but it made us all warm and fuzzy knowing that smooch was being televised in across the globe, into the homes of people living under oppressive and homophobic regimes.

We wish we had caught Chris Basiurski carrying the Olympic Torch on Thursday and kissing his boyfriend, but someone will probably upload it into YouTube soon enough.

While we were fairly fixed on men’s swimming and gymnastics (Danell Leyva is the new black.) we did try to see how some of the openly gay competitors were doing in London. Here’s the highlights:

* With out guard Seimone Augustus scoring two shots, the U.S. women’s basketball team defeated Croatia 81-56 on Saturday.

*  The U.S. women’s soccer team took Colombia 3-0 on Saturday in Glasgow, with lesbian Megan Rapinoe (right) dominating the field and scoring the winning goal. The three out players on Sweden’s women’s soccer team shared in their team’s tie against Japan.

* With three out lesbian team members, the Netherlands’ field-hockey squad beat Belgium 3-0.

* German cyclist Ina Yoko Teutenberg finished 4th in the road-cycling competition, with her fellow gay teammate Judith Arndt coming in 9th.

* South African archer Karen Anne Hultzer was ranked 46 out of 64 by the end of Saturday.

* Lesbian Mayssa Pessoa helped the Brazilian women’s handball team knock out a 24-23 victory against Croatia.


Source: The New Civil Rights Movement, OutSports, GayStarNews


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  • EvonCook

    A kiss between two women, even if it was a lesbian kiss, was certainly not geared for the gay community. Women cavorting together has forever been the stuff of male heterosexual porno and fantasies in complete contrast to any thing gay, men touching or having any kind of physical relations! So, that is why women are more acceptable and allowed to do all these things in public, it gets so tired to be always proclaiming some kind of milestone —in completely contrary to the pc lesbian line that they are so “invisible” based mainly on the LACK of laws against gays that don’t mention lesbianism (!) that they deserve ALWAYS to come before gays. Yes, as in even changing GLBT to suit their demands. Nothing special against them, but we are two very different communities with a lot of common interests. But how many times have you seen a male heading up a lesbian organization (probably wouldn’t even be permitted) and are you able to count all the women who move in to take over gay organizations? Not to mention the demands for parity in anything, even if historically, numerically, financially, even alphabetically, and every other way they are totally lacking. The double standard is just too pc and too much. I will never support any gay organization that bends to that kind of intimidation, guilt trip what is simply a power play. They want it all, anyway they can get it, just like in the hetero world, except to be equal partners.

  • Clifford Chan

    I just want to add that the “chef de Mission”(the liaison for all the athletes for the Canadian Olympic Team) and to whom any athlete who needs help)is very out Mark Tewksbury, a multi Gold Medal winner for swimming in the Barcelona Olympics. I saw that he was marching in uniform near the Canadian flag-bearer. Mark along with Martina Navritalova started the Outgames.

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