Gay Atheists Should Be Treated Like Drug Addicts, Pat Robertson Says

A concerned mother didn’t know what to do after her son came out as gay and an atheist (talk about a doubly whammy!), so she turned to 700 Club’s resident dinosaur Pat Robertson for help.

“Dear Pat,” the mother wrote, “Not so long ago my son ‘came out of the closet’ and a year later he told us he was becoming an atheist. I want him to follow the path of Christ, but it’s so hard. What should I do?!”

Without missing a beat, Robertson began vomiting his opinion on the matter, comparing the woman’s son to a drug addict and calling her his “enabler.”

“You cannot go along and say, ‘I agree with your lifestyle,’” Robertson instructed. “So don’t be an enabler, any more if he’s a drug addict. You don’t enable people to continue in their drug habits.”

Robertson’s solution?

“You’ve gotta let him know that you don’t approve of things that he’s doing.”

Watch the video below.

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