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Gay Athletes Keep Coming Out To Gareth Thomas

minus two teeth) is going to make him a household name, Welsh rugby star Gareth Thomas is making the American rounds. He tells Ellen DeGeneres today that after coming out to his coach, his coach shared the news with the rest of the team, and everyone gave each other platonic man hugs.

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  • christopher di spirito

    Which one is Ellen? The one on the left or the one on the right?

  • j

    @christopher di spirito: You probably think you’re witty. You’re not though.

  • christopher di spirito

    @j: I’ll have to watch for your posts and see what you contribute. My guess is, it’s very little.

  • RomanHans

    Sigh. One day, kids, Queerty will have a headline that’s actually related to the story.

  • andy

    At least J can use punctuation properly! You on the other hand are just offensive.

  • Franky

    @christopher di spirito:
    I’m fairly certain that Ellen isn’t built like a rugby player. I do have problems with my eyes, though, so you really can’t trust my perception of things.

    Maybe one day it will happen. Clearly, today is not that day. I really don’t even understand how they came up with this title. The article mentions NOTHING about anyone coming out to the guy. It only talks about him coming out to his coach and the rest of the team…

  • Pickles

    Actually Gareth mentioned in the interview that closeted gay athletes have been coming out to him so it’s relevant to the actual interview (if not the article written here)

  • JadeLycra

    Could we not bicker and instead revel in the wonder of a powerful story? Please?

  • Dana

    This man and millions more like him are not
    well served by the “queer” concept of LGBT,
    which implies that he is something other
    than a man and is somehow inherently in
    conflict with his gender.

  • MGangemi

    OH thats depressing! You’d think they could have found a better actor, and ond not quite so fugly to play such an icon.

  • MGangemi

    OH thats depressing! You’d think they could have found a better actor, and one not quite so fugly to play such an icon.

  • MGangemi

    *sighs* They ~so~ need a delete button here for our own comments.

  • dolly Knockers

    I fail to see how they can justify making a film about this guys life. It’s nothing new.

    “Gay guy, in denial, marries woman to try and live a ‘normal’ life, doesn’t work out, divorces, comes out”!

    Yes it’s a tough thing to go through, but it isn’t that unusual.

    Have I missed something?

  • Daez

    @MGangemi: I agree with you. The man has no sense of style and is fugly to boot. Did he shave his head by choice or is he balding anyways?


    Only cute and attractive men should be allowed to represent the gay community!

  • espada69

    sadly, not every parent is like that. good on him though.

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