Inside Scott Heim's Mind

Gay Author Lets It All Out

MM: Like so many other people, you have a blog – by the way, thank you for posting that Sparks’ clip “I Predict.” Aside from educating the blogosphere about obscure new-wave ‘80s vids, How has the blog format been useful to you?

SH: It’s a good way to correspond with people and also show a side to me that people wouldn’t understand just from reading my books. I feel like I’m a really funny person, but I can’t write funny material. I’m more interested in writing about the darker side of life, so it allows me to branch out in my writing in ways I haven’t done before.

There’s instant gratification about seeing your thoughts published instantly and world wide. Writing a novel is such a long process and is the opposite of that instant gratification you get with blog writing.

MM: There’s a trailer for your book on YouTube, which I think is a clever way for authors to pimp their work. Was that something you thought of and filmed yourself?

SH: The world of publishing has changed so much in the ten years since my last book came out. MySpace is such a great place for new bands to put their songs up and to gain exposure, and not a lot of authors have explored this. I wanted to do something for YouTube or MySpace that was indicative of the book, but I didn’t have much experience making films. Joseph [Gordon-Levitt] suggested I make it myself. And it turned out that iFilm is a really easy program. I have seen some trailers from other authors that, frankly, were horrible. Like dramatizations of scenes.

MM: Oh, God. Like a karaoke video!

SH: Yeah, really bad. I wanted to evoke a mood of what the book was.

MM: Tell us about this Thursday’s book party at the LGBT Center.

SH: Writing a book is such a non-social event, so it’s weird to have a party, especially when the book’s not celebrating something. But it will be really great to see friends and meet people who worked on the book whom I haven’t gotten a chance to meet.

Also, it’s an open bar so everyone will drink to their hearts content. I hope they don’t run out of booze.
Come celebrate with Scott Heim Thursday night at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center (208 W. 13th St. at 7th Ave.). An open-bar reception starts at 6 p.m., and the author reads a selection from We Disappear at 7. The $10 donation at the door benefits the center.