Judge Grants Girls Equal Visitation

Gay Baby Mama Justice In Spain

Spain’s justice system has been all sorts of gay in recent days.

Just last week a judge in the southeastern city of Murcia insisted a lesbian give up her children or her sexuality. In that ruling the judge, a one Fernando Ferrin, compared lesbianism to drug abuse. Not the best comparison, of course, and Ferrin now faces a Ministry of Justice investigation for the discrimination.

A more judicial judge, meanwhile, makes up for Ferrin’s irrational rationale. A Seville family judge granted a lesbian regular visitation rights for the artificially inseminated child she helped raise with her ex-lover…

The woman, identified only as MDCG (Mama Dyke Care Giver?), asked the court to grant her limited rights to the children, even though they’re not biologically related. The judge saw MDCG’s limited rights and raised her normal visitation, which means she and her ex-flame, share the children fair and square.

GayNewsWatch translates from Spanish:

The ruling declares that the two women formed a stable couple with a “sincere love that lasted 11 years,” decided to start a family. If the couple had continued together, the court noted, the plaintiff would have adopted the child according to a new law that allows second-parent adoptions by same-sex couples.

Well that is just fantastic. Now the child can look forward to equal time with both mommies and the mental scars of a broken home. Now that’s justice.