“Gay Bachelor” Robert Sepulvedar Jr. re-enacts hustling days for limited-edition calendar


We’ve spilled a lot of ink about Robert Sepulveda, Jr. this year.

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The star of  last summer’s Finding Prince Charming — a regrettably gay version of The Bachelor — made headlines this summer when it was revealed that he’d previously enjoyed a prolific career as a rentboy.

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While this micro-scandal succeeded in giving the show some much-needed publicity, Sepulveda acted displeased at the revelations, sending “cease and desist” orders via his lawyer to any website that bothered to publish the abundant evidence of his hustling days.

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Now that the series has thankfully drawn to a close, Sepulveda has changed his tune. As TMZ reports, Sepulveda is now “bringing awareness to sex workers” by recreating his past in a limited-edition calendar that beguilingly  costs $50.

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He says he wants the calendar to be “a conversation piece” ? that will shed light on “the plight of sex workers”. All proceeds are going to The Sex Workers Project, which is apparently a thing.

Take a look at the teaser video below, which at least manages to be more entertaining than Finding Prince Charming.