Tween Idols

Gay Bait: Zac Efron’s Homoerotic Foot Rub

Kudos to Saturday Night Live‘s writers for not letting Zac Efron get through a hosting gig without some sort of homoerotics. BECAUSE THE BEST WAY TO DEFLECT GAY RUMORS IS TO ENGAGE THEM. Enter
Jason Sudeikis, playing Efron’s older brother who teaches him the birds and the bees with an erotic foot massage, taking part in a tongue-to-foot skit plenty of screaming tween girls and, well, us would run to sign up for. Average Americans who have no idea Efron might be a big gey will just giggle at the skit; industry types will be laughing on the inside. And not because the plot was not just gay, but incestuous!

(Of course the opening monologue addressed some of those gay rumors, too.)

Meanwhile, because all news is analyzed best during Weekend Update, the New Jersey Gay Couple stopped by to weigh in on recent marriage victories in Iowa and Vermont. Threatening to never go antiquing again really can effect change!