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Gay Bait: Zac Efron’s Homoerotic Foot Rub

Kudos to Saturday Night Live‘s writers for not letting Zac Efron get through a hosting gig without some sort of homoerotics. BECAUSE THE BEST WAY TO DEFLECT GAY RUMORS IS TO ENGAGE THEM. Enter
Jason Sudeikis, playing Efron’s older brother who teaches him the birds and the bees with an erotic foot massage, taking part in a tongue-to-foot skit plenty of screaming tween girls and, well, us would run to sign up for. Average Americans who have no idea Efron might be a big gey will just giggle at the skit; industry types will be laughing on the inside. And not because the plot was not just gay, but incestuous!

(Of course the opening monologue addressed some of those gay rumors, too.)

Meanwhile, because all news is analyzed best during Weekend Update, the New Jersey Gay Couple stopped by to weigh in on recent marriage victories in Iowa and Vermont. Threatening to never go antiquing again really can effect change!

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  • dellisonly

    Masturbation humor?!??! SNL used to be above such base idiocy. Now I remember why I stopped watching.

  • alan brickman

    this wasn’t erotic…it was just gross…..

  • rogue dandelion

    this was a terrible show-
    i cracked a smile maybe twice…
    and they seem to have a lot of male-male incestuous jokes, which i guess is a sign of progress? it seems they would have made the same joke a year or two ago but just with two unrelated individuals.

    however, i liked however how efron couldn’t even fight his way out of a foot rub.

  • Dan

    It is amazing to me how Queerty can go from being overly sensitive and PC to being completely insensitive and clueless. In this instance, we have insensitive and clueless. SNL is the most homophobic program on network TV. It is a running series of queer jokes. There were at least 3 sets of queer jokes in this past show, and I didn’t even sit to watch the full 90 minutes.

    They may try to dress the homophobia up as hip and ironic, but all the jokes, whether in live skits or on one of the Digital Shorts, can be reduced to “OMFG, look at how gross and disgusting it is to have one guy do that to another guy.” You’ll notice that the vast majority of these jokes are about guy-on-guy attraction, since the “joke” wouldn’t work if the straight audience were not assumed to be disgusted by what is being depicted onscreen.

    I wish Queerty would wake up and direct some of its righteous anger at SNL and at the sclerotic GLAAD, which does nothing about this show.

  • dgz

    okay, obviously in the minority here, but i thought the foot rub was funny. the NJ gay couple… not so much. (although i swear i have been hit on by that couple.)

  • Lucky Luke

    Heh, I thought that, except for the cold open, the show was really really good.

    And I don’th think this one is hompohobic at all, it was supposed to be gross, come on, it’s his older brother doing that to him.

    Well, to each its own.

  • J5

    New Jersey couple roolzz.


    Ah pity the foolish phag who got off on that. Funny as hell, but about as sexy as nudie pics of Dennis Franz.

  • Paul

    @J5: Love the New Jersey couple! Why the hate lol

  • Wisefool

    @ Dan– I agree. It isn’t funny. It’s pathetic.

    The cast consists primarily of un-funny young straight white men from privledged backroungs. The kind of guys you just want to smack some sense into. Too much cuteness and not enough wit.

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