Gay-Baiting Enters NM Race

And New Mexican congressional hopeful Benny Shendo Jr. sure does know how to gay-bait!

The Democrat raised eyebrows this month when, during a town hall debate, he questioned opponent and party peer Ben Ray Luján’s leadership ability – and sexuality:

You say that you stand up for the people of New Mexico and I want to know how you can stand up for the people of New Mexico if you can’t stand up to your mom and dad about your lifestyle.

Damn! That’s some sass!

Luján brushed off the comment, but his campaign manager Carlos Trujillo came out swinging:

For a fringe candidate like Benny Shendo to use such a personal issue to try to gain political points is despicable and has no place in this race. Obviously Benny’s been unable to gain traction in this race so he’s decided to stoop to a whole new level.

New Mexico holds their primary next Tuesday, so we’ll see whether or not voters fell for – or reject – Shendo’s distasteful tactics.