Gay-Baiting Enters NM Race

And New Mexican congressional hopeful Benny Shendo Jr. sure does know how to gay-bait!

The Democrat raised eyebrows this month when, during a town hall debate, he questioned opponent and party peer Ben Ray Luján’s leadership ability – and sexuality:

You say that you stand up for the people of New Mexico and I want to know how you can stand up for the people of New Mexico if you can’t stand up to your mom and dad about your lifestyle.

Damn! That’s some sass!

Luján brushed off the comment, but his campaign manager Carlos Trujillo came out swinging:

For a fringe candidate like Benny Shendo to use such a personal issue to try to gain political points is despicable and has no place in this race. Obviously Benny’s been unable to gain traction in this race so he’s decided to stoop to a whole new level.

New Mexico holds their primary next Tuesday, so we’ll see whether or not voters fell for – or reject – Shendo’s distasteful tactics.

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  • Tom

    Damn, what an ass. And he is a Democrat! I hope the people of NM reject that personal attack style politics.

  • CitizenGeek

    Shendo makes me sick.

  • abracadaver

    While the tactic is nauseating, the point is valid. Any leader or government official who isn’t comfortable enough in their own skin to even tell their own parents is a target for blackmail or other “coercion” tactics and crimes.

    If having Mommy and Daddy know that you’re gay scares you so much, how much more would it scare you if people with REAL power and influence knew? I wouldn’t want my leaders to be susceptible to having their arms twisted at my or my community’s expense, either.

  • SeaFlood

    Dude DOES have a point!

  • ousslander

    A Dem using someones gayness in a derogatory way to scare voters , another reason to get of the plantation.Dems just as big of hypocrites.
    If a repub said that y’all would be having a shit fit.

  • Whatever

    But it doesn’t seem from what I’ve read here that gayness was used in a derogatory way; merely closetedness.

    Though I’ll grant that the word “lifestyle” is a negative buzzword.

  • hells kitchen guy

    Interesting! At first glance he’s being homophobic. But yes, he’s really saying that anyone who can’t come out to Mom and Dad is too fucked up to serve in Congress. He’s right, although he could have put it more delicately.

  • Elain Delvalle

    I live in Santa Fe and I voted early. I did not vote for Benny Shendo.

  • RPCV

    Truth hurt, Senor Lujan???????????

  • Scooter

    What a jerk.

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