Gay-Baiting Mario Lopez Tweets His Cravings For Chick-Fil-A. #Epicfail

Newly minted X Factor host Mario Lopez, who owes a sizeable chunk of his career to the lustful gazes of gay men, gave a free plug to anti-equality Chick-fil-A earlier this month when he tweeted: “Why does it seem like I always crave Chick-fil-A on Sundays?? #Frustrating.”


We’re not sure which is more surprising—that a man who’s pushing his line of Rated M underwear (right) would alienate gay consumers, or that this Latin Adonis eats junk food (or anything, really).

In response to Lopez’s October 7 tweet, writer-activist Dan Savage tweeted back, “Because you’re a thoughtless jerk who just alienated the gay men you expected to buy your new line of crappy manpanties?” And interfaith minister Reverend Sue Clark replied, “Seriously? Please curb your cravings 4 bigotry.”

In addition to proffering manpanties, Lopez said he was “honored to be embraced by the gay community” in an interview with The Advocate, and auctioned himself off for a dream date at the GLAAD Media Awards in June.