Gay-Baiting Mario Lopez Tweets His Cravings For Chick-Fil-A. #Epicfail

Newly minted X Factor host Mario Lopez, who owes a sizeable chunk of his career to the lustful gazes of gay men, gave a free plug to anti-equality Chick-fil-A earlier this month when he tweeted: “Why does it seem like I always crave Chick-fil-A on Sundays?? #Frustrating.”


We’re not sure which is more surprising—that a man who’s pushing his line of Rated M underwear (right) would alienate gay consumers, or that this Latin Adonis eats junk food (or anything, really).

In response to Lopez’s October 7 tweet, writer-activist Dan Savage tweeted back, “Because you’re a thoughtless jerk who just alienated the gay men you expected to buy your new line of crappy manpanties?” And interfaith minister Reverend Sue Clark replied, “Seriously? Please curb your cravings 4 bigotry.”

In addition to proffering manpanties, Lopez said he was “honored to be embraced by the gay community” in an interview with The Advocate, and auctioned himself off for a dream date at the GLAAD Media Awards in June.

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  • LaTeesha

    Ok. Who gives a rat’s brown ass about some dude who’s TV career includes Saved By The Bell and a crappy talk show that he co-hosted with Danny BonnaFreakADude, and Dick Clark. And are those man panties the same thing as Mitt’s Magic Underwear?

  • horace

    Nothing can be said here that can do more damage to his underwear line
    than he already has. What a dumb ass.

  • Ron Jackson

    OopS! I actually thought Lopez was gay? Guess not lol. My bad.

  • RomanHans

    Is it possible he hasn’t heard about Chick-Fil-A? Lopez doesn’t exactly strike me as somebody who reads the newspaper regularly.

  • Visioak

    I crave things that are bad for me all the time…

  • Tracy

    For the last time, just because someone loves to flaunt his hot body (“gay-baiting”) doesn’t mean he’s automatically on your team!

    If you don’t approve of him, stop supporting him with your custom.

  • iBLOW

    If he likes Chick fil A then he likes it so what I’m gay and still eat there sometimes people are too sensetive

  • Mjl-428

    I think he remembers now. *non-story business*

  • Niall

    Let’s be real though, gay men were never buying his crappy line of man panties either way

  • redcarpet

    Yeah, like this muscle queen would ever eat a carb. Lighten up guys, he’s just a moron who doesn’t read news that doesn’t have anything to do with Honey Boo Boo. Expect a “My Bad, sorry gays!” in a couple of days.

  • RLS

    I’m gonna give him a pass on this one, not because he’s “hot” (I’ve always found him aesthetically gorgeous but oddly sexless), but because sometimes we need to realize not everyone lives in “gay world” on the blogs all the time and aren’t always aware of every single entity that have done the gays wrong.

    I’ve ALWAYS found Chick Fil A totally gross, but some people love that place. It’s possible that he tweeted about a totally innocuous craving.

    I sometimes think that the desire for constant and incessant content for the blogs and people who make careers out of being angry about every perceived anti gay slight are the only reasons we talk about such a non event like this.

    What’s next? GLAAD demanding an apology?

  • CAxlRose

    “Because you’re a thoughtless jerk who just alienated the gay men you expected to buy your new line of crappy manpanties?”

    Jesus Fucking Christ, Dan! Jump down anybody else’s throat lately?!

    A.C. Slater craves Chick-Fil-A on Sundays. Big fucking deal! Yes, the owner is anti-gay and they donate to anti-gay organizations. But last I checked this is still a free country and Lopez is welcome to buy a chicken sandwich from any restaurant he damn pleases.

    I don’t support Chick-Fil-A but I certainly don’t remember getting the memo that boycotting the place was mandatory lest you alienate your gay friends and relatives, or lose your gay card.

    We’ve got 99 problems with homophobia and legislated discrimination in this country but Lopez’s Sunday food craving isn’t one of them!

    Lighten up, Savage..

  • DuMaurier

    Much ado about nothing, seems to me. I’ve never eaten at Chick-fil-a, but that thing about craving it on Sundays (when it’s not open, duh) is an old line I’d heard since way before the big controversy, and it sounds like he was just referencing that. I’m sure he knows about the whole Dan Cathy thing, but it doesn’t make him a homophobe if he’s able to mention Chick-fil-a in a context that doesn’t center on that. I’m pretty sure Lopez is actually not anti-gay, he certainly has not been publicly.

  • LubbockGayMale

    Guess we know which celeb to boycott next, eh?

  • erikwm

    @CAxlRose: In a free country, Lopez can like Chick-Fil-a AND Dan Savage can criticize him for being a “thoughtless jerk.”

    Why do you think criticism is NOT part of a free country?! Because “LAST I CHECKED” — it is. Mr. Savage is “welcome” to do so.

    Lighten up, CAxlRose.

  • chip_in_ga

    I agree, for God’s sake, leave Mario alone. Millions of people eat at Chick-fil-a, does that mean they all hate gays. Thousands of Chik-fil-a employees are gay (maybe not openly) should they quit their jobs just because of the views of it’s owner? What if straight people boycotted companies that were gay friendly or sponsored gay events? I truly believe Mario just likes Chik-fil-a (as do I) and had no ulterior motive to his comment…… just like I always want to go to the grocery store an hour after it closes.

    Lighten up people.

  • Ken

    Lol. Really ? This type of response? I am gay and I crave chick-fil-a sometimes. I don’t eat it,.. Don’t buy it but that doesn’t change that I miss their carrot salad or lemonade (lite version). Was this a horrific offensive comment by ML? No,… Not even close. I can’t even begin to count the gay people and gay supporters I know who shop there or support Mitt Romney. The reactions from part of the gay is much more offensive than anybody commenting they crave a sandwich on Sunday. Reacting and responding as crazy as right wing nut jobs do is embarrassing – Why are people seemingly reacting worse,..trying to one up the other. I am disappointed – more so with Dan and the other similar reactionary comments.

  • evdanker

    Someone explain to me how this statement, a craving for something you can’t have – Chick Fil A is closed on Sundays – is anti gay bigotry, and deserving of such harsh attacks. I’m not defending or attacking Mario Lopez, just trying to understand what is offensive about his statement.

  • hotshot70

    Mario is soooo uncomfortable around gay men. He tried to act cool, but I caught him on Extra once flinching. THe guy famous for that “Honey Badger” vid was on the show (the guy HAS to be gay). Mario reached to shake his hand, and the guy went for the hug. Mario’s face was saying “OMG, get this f***ot off of me!” He didn’t say it, but he looked repulsed! I think Mario has some secrets and he plays it “Ultra straight” to compensate. Then he poses in tiny briefs, where you know the majority of people looking are gay men. I will NEVER go to a Chik-Fil-H8. I still think if Mario was horny enough, he’d play “handsies” with another guy. lol

  • BrokebackBob

    Listen up! Mario is over, the past, yesterday, last week, last year, last millenium.
    He’s cute, buff, and a hypocrite. Why do we always support the WRONG supposed straight allies? Get over him. Support gay leaders, not suck-up straight pseudo-celebrities with abs.

  • Daniel-Reader

    Chick-Fil-A is apparently street slang for eating c*ck. He craves eating c*ck on Sundays? Hmm…

  • Rich

    How is this homophobic? Sick Fil A is closed on Sundays. I think people are missing his point

  • queerbec

    I guess playing Greg Louganis in the biodrama didn’t rub off on him.

  • balehead

    HE WAS BEING IRONIC GUYS!!! No wonder equal rights are taking so long….

  • balehead

    Irony is a great way to promote discusson, but politcally correct “armchair activists” wouldn’t get that….

  • Stache99

    @iBLOW: Fitting screen name. Learn how to write though.

  • DuMaurier

    @queerbec: Okay, someone has to say it: “I’d like to rub off on…”–no, actually, maybe it doesn’t have to be said. Even if it’s true.

  • Black Pegasus

    Much to do about nothing… I’m sure Mario didn’t mean to alienate anyone.
    He should just tweet an apology to those offended and be done with it…

  • Avenger

    I hope he doesn’t apologize. He said nothing about gay people. Not everyone has to be silent about their love for a fast food joint…simply because said joint isn’t gay-friendly. Who cares? People go there for the food and have nothing to do with the managements politics. I REALLY hope Lopez doesn’t apologize or “clarify” anything. He likes Chick-Fil-A’s food and he’s entitled to say so.

  • Guillermo3

    @iBLOW: Yes,aptly-named iBlow,
    sometimes some people are too sensitive.And sometimes some
    people,like you,NOW,iBlow,are insufferably insensitive.
    Enjoy your sandwich,iBlow.

  • nycbearman


    Seriously…lighten up! Rule #1 – never confuse the hot guy.

  • JOHN 1957

    Sometimes we just gotta laugh at all the bull manure they use to keep our community fighting with one another. No matter what is said I’m sure a lot of men out here think ML looks finger licking good and would love to eat his nuggets dipped in their sauce. LOL



  • Bascha

    I don’t find him attractive at all. He is too plain and I hate dimples.

  • Superman

    Catholics go to Church on Sundays. That’s when the guilt kicks in, such as for supporting gay rights…hence the craving for Ick-Fil-A. Mario is not stupid, nor is he living under a rock. Bye, Mario. With friends like you…

  • gaydaddy

    Well he has a sexy ass stomach would love to lick some ice cream off of that. He could just be trying to sell underwear, Hot tho.

  • Mjl-428

    @Ken: Yeah. this was a non-story and a non-issue. at the very least if someone doesn’t know what was going on, someone will tell them, as a heads up later. if he was joking, no matter how poor the execution was, then he was joking. thankfully, unlike Ann Coulter, he didn’t say something that would REALLY be offensive.


    this is a story of hOW far a person with a tiny bit of celeb status will go! This is all about the time he was on Broadway in “Chorus Line” and 2XIST came and could not choose between Mario and a cast member who is openly Gay. Well that guy won and this jerk never let it go, I heard it from the guy who won on Fire Island that SUmmer and just in passing..he wasn’t “holding onto it” like this one is..pathetic

  • John Doe

    I can’t believe how petty and over-reactionary the gay community can be at times. This is so stupid.

  • TheMarc

    Wow, yeah Dan Savage’s initial response was a little harsh but…really? “Gays are being to reactionary…blah blah.”

    If Mario’s comment had been tweeted by say, Chris Christie or Steve Buscemi, half of you apologist queens would be loosing your proverbial s…

    The comment WAS insensitive coming from someone who receives gay dollars and is supposedly honored to be honored by the gay community. The guy is not Brian Williams, but even for his level of journalism, he should have known better. He’s not some random guy. His words carry power and as such he has a responsibility to recognize that power.

    Good lord, I have seriously seen some of you comment with fiery bile and vitriol when someone else has done something very similar. I guess the difference is they didn’t have abs.

  • Faggot

    @balehead: LOL The problem with irony is that one thing is said while another is implied. Unfortunately, the audience oftentimes infers clumsily.

    Bottom line: López could not eat chicken there that day. It was a forbidden desire on more than one level. Let us be grateful that his cravings only come on the day when this food establishment is closed, otherwise he’d be a patron, no?

    Señor López has not transgressed. May you all absolve him anyway and pronto.

    P.S. I was more in the dark about this Chicken Little eatery than ML. I had never even heard of the place, much less knew about their “agenda” and the LGBT backlash (memo to self: must read QUEERTY hourly!). I’m sure many of us also crave things that are bad for our diets, though, as well as for the LGBT community.

  • Dumdum

    I had never heard of Chick Fil A until the big stink. I don,t eat fast food EVER. If my husband and I eat out it is a special treat at a nice restaurant. What is crazy is that after the big stink, my sweetie had to take his dad to a doctors appointment. His dad made a point of going to Chick Fil A with his Gay son to get a sandwich stating his appreciation not for the food but for their values. But hey the old man is 84 and it is not easy for him to have a Gay son. That gayness made all the more obvious when he shows up at family events with me in tow. Cook your OWN meals people, you will live longer, feel better and you will be saving the planet from land raping fast food chains.

  • harrisonca

    Honestly, why would I care where that rapist eats anyways. I grew up in San Diego about the same time he did and knew the people involved. Regardless of how far the case went, the stories were very credible.

  • oldboner

    Everybody is over sensitive these days. In fact saying “I crave Chick-Fil-A on Sundays” is a joke – It’s not makiing fun of gays it’s making fun of Chick-Fil-A. Get a life everybody. We got all this anti this and anti that because we react every time somebody cracks a joke and then we BLOW it up to make sound like what it never intended to be. When I was a kid we could crack a joke and it never was racist or phobic. Now you say something funny and you get accused of being a phobic this or that or a racist. Lets fight the real issues not these piddly things. I love freedom of speech and whatever my neighbor says is his problem not mine – unless he tries to rob me kill me or have all his dogs crap on my yard.

  • Brad007

    Only a heterosexual male would think those undies were hot. Ick.

  • Victor_in_PA

    First of all, I’ve never eaten at chick-fil-a because I knew they were bigots since they opened. They close on Sundays because it’s “God’s day” and it’s not a huge leap to know what they’re about.

    Secondly, Mario can eat whatever he wants and say anything he wants about anybody in this country. The kkk and neo-nazis can march. Westboro baptist church can picket funerals. It’s called free speech and that’s apparently what this country is supposed to support. Dan Savage also has the right to say anything about Mario he likes for the same reason. We, as gay people, also have the right to support or NOT support people who discriminate against us.

    I liken it to a contractor building concentration camps for the Germans in WWII. You may not have gassed anyone personally but, you certainly did nothing to stop it and even helped the effort. Therefore, you must take some responsibility for your actions.

    When a celebrity endorses a product that, as a result, puts money in the pockets of haters and influential people who discriminate, then they must also take flack for their support and endorsement because they support and empower the hate behind it.

  • Dumdum

    @oldboner: Ya know what? I don’t mind picking up S**t. That’s life. A dog s**ts when it has to. Hey, it’s a dog. I pick the sh*t up. Put it around my flowers and they look great. For the rest I am with you. You post OLD so one must ass-u-me that you are compared to these pups, an older person. If not then you are wise beyond your years. It is very sad that about 95 percent of native peoples from the Americas are gone. Thanks to white Europeans. So the TWO SPIRIT idea has been lost in time. OR HAS IT? How do YOU look at this world? With your eyes? Through a glass? Or with a Micro-Scope? Hubris pride. Gotta love it!

  • BlogZilla

    This guy obviously doesn’t read the newspapers or watch the news. A lot of people don’t, because it transmits too much negative energy.

    And usually someone that is that perfect with their physique, they’re also narcissistic, and there’s a good chance they’re not very sexual either.. It takes a tremendous amount of discipline and effort to look like that. I wouldn’t doubt if he survives off of shakes and pills. I’m sure he eats very little food.

    I really don’t think he’s homophobic, based on some of the things I’ve seen him doing, he’s just somewhat of an airhead or experienced a Freudian slip?

  • Bob LaBlah

    To each his own. I personally DON’T think his ass (based on the picture of him in these briefs) is that round. Thank god for Photoshop.

  • CarrollAP

    I love Mario and think he is hot and great. I am a gay guy and do not think Mario is anti-gay, he knows we are some of his most ardent fans. The chicken guy has now died, so maybe things will change there.

    I am reading Mario’s book, and he is human and makes mistakes just like the rest of us.


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