Gay Bar Bomb Attack in Rome Just the Latest in String of Bias Violence


A few weeks ago, it was a gay singer who was attacked. Then, a gay club was nearly torched. Last week, a gay couple was attacked, and a lesbian woman was threatened on Rome’s streets. And last night, two letter bombs were thrown at a bar on Gay Street (the city’s newly inducted gay HQ), leaving several injured and one hospitalized. Recounts Fabrizio Marrazzo, president of gay rights group Arcigay: “It all happened very quickly unleashing panic in the streets. There were people screaming and running everywhere.”

(Pictured: Two men celebrating the newly formed Gay Street in 2007, where the attack took place.)

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  • Brian

    Lots of Catholics in Rome.

  • Republican

    Thoughts and prayers for all involved.

  • Dennis

    Agreed, the Goddamn Catholic church still RUNS so much of what happens in that country…it’s a blight on what could, otherwise, be a paradise.

  • dgz

    ma-cheese-mo strikes again. they should make Penn & Teller’s Bullshit: the Vatican mandatory viewing.

  • vernonvanderbilt

    @dgz: No doubt. That was a great episode. That whole series should be mandatory viewing.

  • Fabio

    hi there from rome.
    I was yesterday night at the gay street where glbt people gathered to show we have no fear, we’re pissed off!
    as far as Marrazzo is concerned, well I would doubt a bit of is stories… Facts have been different from what he has declared, but unfortunately we, in Rome, are used to his fantasy…

  • Ian

    So, if this attack happened in Jamaica or Africa, wouldn’t we hear the usual suspect blaring about violent “black homophobia”?

    Sickos are everywhere.

  • Fabio

    My friends, the problem of lack of rights in italy for GLBT people isn’t only tight to Church and catholics but much more to a conservative point of view of society from the politicians running now the nation.
    we actually have a center-right coalition governing today with tons of former fascists among them…
    of course Vatican does it’s best to stop any kind ov evolution f the society but it is not the only problem…

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