Police Investigating Potential Hate Crime

Gay Bar Owner’s Car Torched

A British gay bar owner’s Range Rover went up in flames last week. Though not gay himself, Frank McMahon owns Pink Punters, a popular gay bar in Fenny Stratford, England.

At about 10:40am last Thursday, a mountain bike riding arsonist took it upon himself to torch McMahon’s luxury vehicle, which sported a plate reading “BI GAY”.

Of the inflammatory incident, McMahon remarks:

We have turned away hundreds of people away from the club and they call us this, that and the other, but nothing has happened to this extreme.

We think it is to do with the registration plate. I am hoping it is nothing deeper than that.

It could have been the building. We are so lucky. My wife cried when she saw it burning, but I kept saying no-one was in it at the time.

Considering the location and the license plate, police are treating the arson as a hate crime.