Gay bar owner’s racist history comes back to haunt him, but he would still like your business

The owner of a popular gay bar in Atlanta is facing criticism after authoring a string of racist social media posts that just went public.

Palmer Marsh is the owner of Burkhart’s Pub. The bar first opened more than 20 years ago on the famed Piedmont Avenue and has since become a popular destination for drag shows.

Well, over the weekend, it was discovered that in 2015, Marsh made numerous racist remarks on his personal Facebook page, including calling Obama a “stupid n*gger” and suggesting America would be “better off” if the Civil War had been won by the Confederacy.

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“If the South had won, we would be a hell of a lot better off,” one of the posts said.

“Obviously Vladimir Putin thinks that Barrack Obama is a stupid n*gger,” another read. “He just might be right.”

“My Confederate money that I inherited is on my kitchen counter. RIGHT NOW!” a third post said. “Steal the money, if you like, but don’t try to take my flag because you might get seriously injured by doing so.”

Marsh has yet to issue any comment over the controversy, but Burkhart’s general manager, Don Hunnewell, told the Georgia Voice that he contemplated quitting after reading what Marsh had said.

“Yesterday it took everything I had to soldier on and not terminate my employment agreement,” he said. “As general manager, my first obligation is to maintain and care for the hard-working staff who have dedicated many years to serving a huge loyal customer base… these 50 plus souls often live tip jar to tip jar.”

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Hunnewell added that Marsh is retired and has had “no active participation in the operations” in the bar for a while… except for collecting its profits, of course.

Here’s a screen grab from a post Marsh wrote about his distain for bad online reviews back in January 2015. We have a feeling he’s about to get a whole lot more. And business is going to get a whooooole lot worse.

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