Court Sees No Bovine Qualities In Victim

Gay Bar “Racist” Gets “Tagged”

A gay bar fight became a legal battle over in England. Brit Andrew Hill reportedly assaulted Sylvia Klos and called her a “Polish cow”. We’re not sure “Polish” counts as a race, but the British courts seem to:

A web designer who called a security officer a “Polish cow” and told her to “get back to her own country” has been tagged.

[Hill] hit Sylvia Klos on the side of her chest at the Flying Handbag, the pub where she was working in Blackpool.

Hill, 43, of South Meadow Street, Preston, admitted a racially aggravated assault on the Polish woman.

Blackpool Magistrates Court was told how Hill had been loud and aggressive in the gay-friendly pub, and had been asked to leave by Miss Klos.

Hill then made his racist remark and, as another security officer went to help her, he struck Miss Klos.

Hill was given a two-month jail term suspended for 12 months. He will be tagged for three months and was also told to pay his victim £150 compensation and £80 court costs.

That could buy a whole lot of beef.