Gay Bash In Brooklyn?

It’s tempting to think New York City’s immune to the haterific behavior seen in rural America. But, like so many things in this city, that’s simply a fantasy.

To the right you see a picture of a man named Charlie. You may recognize that picture – we posted it in conjunction with our Mike Gravel party coverage.

Well, it seems Charlie got into the party spirit last Saturday at Williamsburg’s Union Pool for their Milksopp Gay Pride. For those of you who don’t know, Williamsburg’s the “hipster” epicenter of New York. We’re talking skinny jeans, hungry tummies, coquettish, yet totally rocking boys – the works.

Union Pool’s one of the more popular bars in the area. Though not anti-gay, it’s certainly not a “gay” bar. Saturday night, however, the gays invaded for the aforementioned party. While the gays were happy to be there, we hear Union Pool wasn’t so pleased to see them.

Our friend Michael passed on this note from his friend Jake, whom we’ve never met, but seems like a swell guy:

We were at the Milksopp Gay Pride dance party which is thrown by some of our very close friends in the back room at Union Pool. They closed the back room at about 3:15, which is pretty early to end a gay dance party in a straight bar.

We started hemming and hawing and exiting the back room along with everyone else who was leaving the bar. Charlie was perhaps complaining a bit louder than everyone else so the big fat bad-ass bouncer put him in a headlock and started accompanying him out the door. I started yelling at the bouncer as Charlie struggled when the second bouncer grabbed me around the neck and started pushing me to the door. Charlie’s bouncer pushed Charlie to the floor and my bouncer realized that the situation was completely out of control and let me go. The big fat bouncer started punching Charlie while we were all yelling at him to let him go, which he did after beating Charlie bloody.

In any case, Charlie is okay. He’s got big bruises around his eyes, marks on his neck like he’s been strangled, and popped blood vessels in one of his eyes.

Charlie may be okay, but that bouncer’s seemingly anti-gay actions don’t sound so “okay” to us, nor to Charlie’s friends.

Now, Charlie, Michael, Jake and the rest of the Williamsburg crew are asking you guys – yes, you – to take some action by calling up Union Pool (718 609 0484) and giving them a piece of your pretty mind. Or, you can send the bar an email at [email protected] Michael even suggested this letter:

I’m writing in regards to the incident that occurred Saturday, June 23rd after the Milksopp dance party. One of the Union Pool bouncers used completely unfounded and unnecessary force on a patron, which may or may not have been motivated by homophobia. Union Pool is a longstanding institution in Williamsburg and I believe that you will agree that having a portion of your patrons feel unsafe because of your security is bad for business. The obvious solution to this is to terminate the employment of the bouncer in business. Until this bouncer has been terminated, I will not be attending Union Pool and will be encouraging my friends to do the same.

The funny thing about this is that we were meant to go to Union Pool that night, but didn’t. Guess we won’t be going anytime soon, huh? Oh well, we can always swing by Lotus (409 West 14th Street) on Tuesdays (Tonight!) to see them. Or we can go back to huffing paint behind our office.

Decisions, decisions…