Judge Orders Psychological Test For Attacker

Gay Bash Trial Continues In Britain

A gay bash trial grows in Britain. 20-year old Christopher Sanders is currently on trial for beating Chris Dewhurst last October. The men met at a local pub and apparently hit it off, because Dewhurst brought Sanders home. Sanders, however, had other ideas. Says Prosecutor Steve Harmes:

Mr Dewhurst was in the pub with two female friends and Sanders was chatting to them about holidays in Bulgaria amongst other things.

During the evening, Mr Dewhurst went home for some money and Sanders asked could he go with him and borrow some cash.

At the flat he asked one of the flatmates if Mr Dewhurst was gay and was told as far as that man knew, he was not.

They returned to the pub’s karaoke and for Mr Dewhurst – who later confirmed he is a gay man – that was his last memory.

Some time later they had returned to the flat and at 4am Mr Dewhurst was making his emergency phone call to one of the female friends he had been with earlier. Pictures were later taken of pools of blood she found in his bedroom, of a cut under his eye which needed stitches and of extensive bruising to his face.

Sanders has admitted his guilt in the assault. The judge has, however, requested a psychological examination and a statement from Dewhurst before sentencing. The trial continues next month.