Gay-Bash Victim Posts Defiant Tweet to Attacker

cole ledfordLook out, world: Cole Ledford isn’t taking any of your shit.

A few days ago, he says, some random guy punched him after he saw Cole kissing his boyfriend. The result: some massive swelling on his cheek and a bruise under his eye.

But then came Cole’s catty response. “I’m sorry you hit me for no reason,” he wrote in an image posted to Twitter. “I’m sorry I threaten you. I’m NOT sorry I’m gay.” It goes on from there but you get the gist. Basically all you need to know is that Cole is an awesome badass.

Then came the flood of support from around the world. Folks started retweeting and chiming in with messages of love, often hashtagged #loveislouder. Cole’s boyfriend Jerad has been particularly supportive, with a bunch of photos posted to the two of them hugging in the aftermath of the attack.

Oh yeah and he also filed a report, because writing a nice note on Twitter is all well and good but at some point you need to get law enforcement involved. We’re still hunting around for the exact details of the assault — was it in broad daylight? In the mall? In a sketchy alley? Did anyone say anything during the assault? Who punches someone just for kissing? What the hell is wrong with people?

Cole asked his followers, which now number in the thousands, to donate to HRC. (They helped get a federal hate crimes prevention law signed in 2009, so, fair enough.)