Gay Bash Victim To Return To St. Maarten

Dick Jefferson, victim of the brutal beating in St. Maarten, is going back to the island Friday to buy a gun and get all vigilante on some folks meet with government officials and appeal to the people of St. Maarten for the crime to be investigated, since police refused to investigate the issue. The head of St. Maarten’s tourism bureau promised he would conduct a full investigation; but somehow, a guy sitting in a kiosk with a bunch of maps doesn’t instill great confidence in tracking down the perps.

There are going to be a few gay bashers anywhere you go, yes, life goes on; but it’s the fact that police did nothing still makes us wonder how many other gay bashings have been covered up in the Caribbean. Judging by the police’s lack of interest, they weren’t shocked, so obviously this happens all the time. Luckily the St. Maarten attackers happen to gay-bash two employees of CBS News. Oops.

From Jefferson’s press release:

“I am heading back,” Jefferson says, “because the longer this case goes unsolved the more harm the people of St. Maarten are inflicting upon themselves and the reputation of the island as a vacation spot.”

Too late, dude. We’re just going to go to Vieques instead.