Gay Bashed At The Hot Springs

A gay man who was enjoying the warmth of St. Leon’s Hot Springs in British Columbia with his partner was viciously beaten by a man identified as “Terry” who arrived at the springs with another man and woman. The attack began after the assailant learned the couple was gay. While the victim sustained cuts and bruising to most of his body as he pleaded with his attacker, his companion managed to flee to the woods for safety. The man eventually took off his his friends on snowmobiles. Police are investigating the attack as a hate crime.

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  • Bob

    What kind of a ‘partner’ would run away rather than to help his boyfriend?????

  • Ted B. (Charging Rhino)

    Yeah. You grab a handy rock or stout stick and go all-Neanderthal on the attacker….not scamper-off and hide in the bushes like a pansy-ass. How embarrassing….

  • :)

    Very confusingly written, I can’t even tell how many people were involved.

  • Bob

    If it was my boyfriend, I’d beat the shit out of the attacker!

  • kayla

    I truly have never read anything on this site that didn’t have grammatical/spelling errors….Queerty really needs to get it’s act together, it’s just very amateurish, in a teen blog sort of way….just saying…..

  • Francis

    This story makes me want to apologize in implying that all Canadian hate crimes are done by immigrants. Although that wasn’t what I was saying I can see how it would come off that way. This story obviously proves that false.

    You have to really wonder about the mentality of people like this Terry, and what inside of them is ticked that drives them to such pure rage and anger, just because someone is gay. It’s like a “I’m going to kill them before they kill me” type behavior, like attack or be attacked. I just don’t understand how some men can be so affected to the depths of their core, just because of the sexuality of an individual. Why couldn’t he have just left and never saw these guys again?

    The fact that the BF and two other people did nothing to help while the victim was being bashed is inexcusable. I don’t understand that, either, especially the BF. When someone is in trouble, you help. That’s what I’ve always been taught and that’s what I always try to do.

    Best wishes go out to the victim, such a sad story.

  • Yuriy

    That’s why it’s not the New York Times :P

  • Kev C

    Pretty scary. The two groups were socializing for several hours, you know, just chillin at the hot springs, when Terry gets up and says he’s going to kill them and beats one mercilessly unconscious, and leaves him for dead while he rides off on his snow mobile. Not very sociable.

  • zmuscle

    If that was my partner and myself. I would want him to run and hide. I am much more able to defend myself than he is. There should be no judgment for that.

  • Francis

    @Yuriy: LOL, exactly.

    And I have to say, this story has really played with me today. I think something had to have happened to cause this. He found out the couple was gay. And then he what, chased down the men? Or he swam over to the men? How long was the beating? If the men were coupled up and *then* the other three individuals went in the water, what was the thing that turned the situation violent? Was he just waiting until he was about to leave to do this?

    I know a lot of the time, a hate crime is just a hate crime, but this is just so savage and sad.

    Canadians, you guys do need to start addressing these hate crimes, because it’s like one every day or two these past few weeks.

  • Xedrix

    Sorry but the hesitation or the fleeing makes sense to me. Some people just cant understand the concept of any form of combat/aggression. Its against their nature and in either fear, shock, or confusion hesitate.

    As for Canadians addressing these hate crimes, we do… its our law enforcement that refuses to protect and serve. I say this because if I call the law into the situation to act, and they decide its not a “priority” case, then I can’t take any action. Even if they drop the case, I can’t legally take action. If I find the person responsible, and call the cops to arrest them, I WILL be charged for harassment and and oppression of the criminals right to “voice” their beliefs. I Know this because it happened to me.

  • questioning

    Time for this story to stop being retold in other forums as an example of a “hate crime”. If you do a little research you might notice that there were never any charges laid and basically nothing eventually happened. If the “news people” followed up on this story you would find out that the “victims” were actually the ones violating the personal space of this “terry” fellow. You would find out that alcohol and drugs were involved on behalf of the victims and that “terry” and his friends were being harassed by the “victim” that claimed to have been beaten. In fact, after the victim had fallen and smashed his face on the rocks “terry” actually convince the mans’ friend to come down and help give him aid. Unfortunately the “news” does not find the truth as exciting to print so people will continue to believe in a story that makes emotions run high and prove peoples’ point. Yes there are hate crimes out there and yes they have to be told but unfortunately this story cries wolf!!!

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