Repeat Offender Cripples 44-Year Old?

Gay Basher May Have More Victims

An anti-gay attacker may have a homo-hating past, according to Swedish police.

The unidentified 35-year old remains in custody after allegedly beating a 44-year old man last Friday. The men reportedly met on a gay website – a website the assailant may have used to find a number of victims. Says copper Mikael Ekman:

We’ve looked at his internet use, and he has given his phone number and arranged meetings with other.

What we don’t know is whether the meetings actually happened and what they led to…

With this kind of crime, people cherry pick their victims. He is choosing people whom he believes will not make reports. In a way he might be right, because it’s not so easy to open up to the police.

The aforementioned 44-year old remains in stable condition, but may be crippled by the unfortunate incident.