Wired Homophobes Rally Around Hate

Gay Bashing Brings People Together, Unfortunately

Brazilian teenager Ferruccio Silvestro’s gay bashing has caused quite a stir in Brazil. A group of Internet savvy haters took it upon themselves to create an online community centered on homo hating. And that’s putting it nicely:

…The violent attack against gay student Ferrucio Silvestro generated a series of homophobic communities on Orkut. O Globo Online reports today about one specif Orkut community created recently and called “Ferruccio devia ter apanhado mais” (or, “Ferrucio should have gotten beaten harder”), which had already been brought to my attention by readers of this blog. The community, which had up to 233 members and included topics such as “kill them all” and “what would you have used to beat him up?”, has already been removed from Orkut at this point, but a specific profile still remains up there.

The site’s symbol? A skull, of course.