Gay Bashing Suspect Declares Innocence Because Victim Is ‘Not Gay’

Edward Gordon, a 22-year-old New York man whose father is a retired cop, and who has a rap sheet filled with 11 prior arrests for drugs and assault, became the sixth suspect charged with the May 2009 gay bashing of a 26-year-old victim, who was left with a broken nose, missing teeth, and injured eye. Facing charges of gang assault as a hate crime in an attack where he and his buddies allegedly screamed “white preppy faggots, bitches, gay white boys, fucking faggots,” Gordon insists he can’t be slapped with hate crime charges because “that guy’s not gay — we’re being charged with hate crimes but he’s not gay . . . I wasn’t at all involved.” His co-conspirator Adan Rosado was convicted last year and is serving a five-year term that’s under appeal; there’s the requisite “ADAN ROSADO IS INNOCENT!” Facebook page.