Gay Bathhouse Tour 2006


Donald Wildmon, founder of the American Family Association has his own radio program called the AFA Report. We think that is is safe to assume this an entirely unbiased news program.

On a recent show, Wildmon addressed Soulforce’s current cross-country anti-homophobic bus tour. We’re still a bit disturbed that these bitches aren’t traveling the country in style. But we digress…

Wildmon had an interesting exchange with one of AFA’s editors, Rusty Benson. Upset that Soulforce is protesting Christian schools that ban the “enrollment of GLBT students,” they both hypothetically suggested that they invade gay bathhouses all over the U.S. Just what we need; horny old closeted men interupting our sex lives.

Unsurprisingly, these guys showed off their intolerant side.

JACKSON: Yeah. Well, we know where the media would have its sympathies in that case. Of course, and it wouldn’t be done, anyway. But these people, it just reinforces as you say, Don, what you just said. They regard Christianity, they regard biblical teaching, as the source of their problems. And what they’re demanding is no less than you Christians stop teaching that homosexuality is a sin.
WILDMON: Stop — stop — stop preaching from the Bible.

JACKSON: That’s right.

BENSON: Yeah, I mean, this is — this is what you call — what? — chutzpah. This is — this is —

WILDMON: That’s a Jewish word, right? Be careful.

Yes, be careful. The Jews are just as bad as the homos. And we’re sure there’s nothing worse than a gay Jew who speaks nonstop Yiddish with a lisp.

AFA’s Wildmon proposed a hypothetical tour of gay bathhouses, repeated misinformation on average gay incomes
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