Gay and bi guys describe the steps they’re taking to ‘create a better tomorrow’

We’re still five months away from New Year’s Eve, but gay and bi guys on Reddit are already making resolutions to better their lives.

The online conversation started when a Redditor asked, “What positive steps are you taking to create a better tomorrow for yourself?”

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“I’ve realized that I am not a very healthy person,” the original poster wrote. “I’m addicted to hookup and dating apps, I abuse alcohol, I don’t eat well or sleep enough, and I mistreat those around me. So I’ve decided that I am going to start doing some things to improve my life.”

His goals? “Floss every morning and every night. Make my bed every morning. Get back into therapy. Meditate twice a week. Have more patience with my family. Do some form of exercise for 30 minutes each day.”

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The Redditor’s question garnered dozens of answers, and here are some of our favorite (lightly edited) self-improvement ideas:

  • “I asked my employer for a raise and gave them clear reasons why I should get it.”
  • “I am getting out there and meeting people, even when it does not seem ‘ideal.’ We all have to start somewhere and somehow.”
  • “Stop being on my phone so much.”
  • “Fostering relationships with people I think will be a positive influence to have in my life.”
  • “Trying to accept my looks as they are and not feel inferior to muscular guys.”
  • “Write a little bit every day, whether for a big project or for something for myself.”
  • “Establish more distance and communication breaks from toxic family members.”
  • “I take a 2–3 mile walk along the beach every night and soak in how great life is.”
  • “Regular STI screenings.”
  • “I’m putting myself out there by doing the opposite of what you’re doing: downloading my apps and putting myself out there.”

Best of luck to all these gents!