Gay Biker Gang’s Sex Rampage Ends In Tickle Attack

dirty boots looking upIf you’re in a place where you can watch some art porn, drop what you’re doing and look at “Dirty Boots,” a new music video for the band Holopaw. It features a day in the life of a Brooklyn-based gay biker gang, and it’s super hot. So hot we can’t embed it here on Queerty, due to rules. 🙁 But we can show you some stills, and direct you to Vimeo.

The video features Tumblr sex hero Abeardedboy (NSFW) being generally dirty and hot. It’s directed by Adam Baran, based on the song “Dirty Boots (He Don’t)”, off the band’s most recent album Academy Songs, Vol. 1, and features narration by ’70s gay porn star Peter Berlin. It’s also a visual descendent of experimental films like Kenneth Anger’s Scorpio Rising. So, it’s layered.

According to the filmmakers,

Swiss photographer Kalheinz Weinberger provided the fashion inspiration for the biker boys in the film. In the fifties and sixties, Weinberger documented teen biker gangs who dressed themselves to look like outrageous, larger-than-life versions of Marlon Brando, James Dean, and Elvis Presley. Brooklyn-based artist Juan Betancurth designed Weinberger-inspired costumes, featuring strange fetish gear crafted out of vintage home utensils. The looks were styled by John Orth, who also created the films’ titles.

And now, a few images.

dirty boots gaze

dirty boots tickling

dirty boots dancing

dirty boots nipple tweak

dirty boots kitchen table

dirty boots retainer

dirty boots abeardedboy

dirty boots in bed