Gay Binge and Purge

Ever since the Foley scandal erupted – and, in fact, before – gay activists, journalists, and general shit-starters have threatened closeted Republican pols with a massive outing. In the recent weeks, the so-called “List” has been compiled and quietly circulated. According to an article in The Nation by Max Blumenthal, many of the recipients are members of the Christian right, including Don Wildmon (pictured, looking like a mix between Donald Duck and a Grade-A cock sucker). Blumenthal writes:

[T]he Rev. Don Wildmon of the American Family Association, told me he has received that memo, which he referred to simply as “The List.” Based on The List’s contents, Wildmon is convinced that a secretive gay “clique” boring within the Republican-controlled Congress is responsible for covering up Foley’s sexual predation toward teenage male House pages. Moreover, Wildmon calls on the Republican Party leadership to promptly purge the “subversive” gay staffers.

Oh-so-hateful, Wildmon insists that every last gay staffer in the GOP should be fired on the spot. What’s more, with the really unsurprising revelations of fags on the party, Wildmon says he believes Speaker Hastert’s claim that he knew nothing about Foley’s fuck-ups. He tells Blumenthal:

I’m beginning to think that the homosexuals shielded their former Congressman Foley and that Denny Hastert did not know the depth of what’s going on up there.

Hmmm, we suppose it’s possible that a vast, gay conspiracy kept the Foley/Page scandal underground, but we have to wonder: does the same principle apply to sex scandals in the church?

Anyway, we’re thrilled to bits that Christian conservatives want to boot the homos from the GOP – not only will it weaken the staff of the pols, but will hopefully cause a bigger split in the party, which would undoubtedly bring bigger change for homos. (Also, we’ve had wet dreams about America actually having a viable multi-party democracy…)

Meanwhile, our friend Michael Rogers of Blogactive and PageOneQ insists that he’ll be outing some homo-GOPers in the coming days and weeks. May the Foley scandal never die!