Gay Bird Replaces Lacroix

When designer Matthew Williamson opened his first boutique in England, Suzy Mendes said the shop was “like a bird of paradise fluttering into a brick-and-mortar London Street.” Now, the bird of paradise that is Matthew Williamson is flying its pretty feathers into the top job at Pucci.

Matthew Williamson

Christian Lacroix’s departure from the position had been widely anticipated; Williamson’s assuming it had not. Curiously enough, the luxury giant LVMH sold Lacroix’s label in the past year to the Falic Group.

Of his relation to the Pucci aesthetic, Williamson says: “Pucci was always my favorite brand when I was in college. It has a similar DNA as my label, both in the sexy, uplifting point of view and in the use of color and surface pattern.” While Williamson has designed menswear, many of his looks for women have been appropriated by a unisex crowd. They are particularly enamored of his Ibiza style hippy chic look. Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Moss are all big time Williamson fans. The fluttering bird of paradise has also designed a limited-edition bottle for Coca Cola and a limited range of stationary with Smythsons.

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