domestic abuse

Gay + Bisexual Men Abused By Their Partners As Often As Straight Women

Some two in five gay and bisexual men involved in intimate relationships report suffering from domestic abuse, according to a new survey, which is the same rate that straight women do.

Looking at LGBT domestic violence in the U.S., the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs found reported incidents of violence between queer partners increased 15 percent since 2008; the murder rate has increased 50 percent since 2007. Wow.

One in two lesbians will experience domestic violence at some point in their lives, the report found, while 78 percent of them say they have defended themselves or fought back against abusive partners. The most at-risk victims of domestic violence are aged 30-39, but like many of these statistics that figure relies on reported incidents.

It’s not just bullying from outsiders that threaten the well-being of our community. All too often, it’s one of our own — and it shouldn’t take Domestic Violence Month to remember that. If you or someone you know is involved in a relationship like this, please, do one little thing right now: Call 1?800?799?SAFE. [Florida Times Union]