Gay Bishops Prays, Blesses, Drinks

Gene Robinson

V. Gene Robinson, the country’s first openly queer bishop in the Episcopal Church, is going all AA. Seems he’s been tapping that Church wine more often than he should.

Robinson’s assistant, the Rev. Tim Rich, said Tuesday there was no crisis that led to Robinson’s decision to seek treatment but rather a growing awareness of his problem.

In his letter, Robinson said he had been dealing with alcoholism for years and had considered it “as a failure of will or discipline on my part, rather than a disease over which my particular body simply has no control, except to stop drinking altogether.”

While we’re pleased to hear Robinson is getting help for his addiction, some people (ok, oppourtunist right-wingers) are taking the time to attack him when he’s most vulnerable.

Gene Robinson checks himself into a rehab clinic to overcome his improper desire for alcohol. But what is truly more important here? Perhaps he should check in with an orthodox church and ask God’s help to overcome his improper desire for sodomy. If he did that he might just, single-handedly, turn the church around.

It’s people like this that’ll drive anyone to drink. We’re unscrewing the cap to our Jack Daniels as we type.

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