Who's The Homo Hip-Hopper?

Gay Blind Item Madness!

The most extensive gay blind item in history:

This successful rapper has drawn headlines in the past over his alleged homosexual acts. Since the start of his career rumors have swirled that he plays for the other team. However in a recent interview, when asked about if there are any misconceptions about him that he would like to clear up he immediately defended himself calling the rumors nonsense. This particular MC burst on the scene with a catchy tune that had everyone using his trademark accent.However after three albums his celebrity star has seemed to have descended.

He had a bitter battle with another popular rapper and even accused said rapper of shady business practices. But has since resolved all issues with said rapper. This particular hip-hop star has delved into creating a female fashion line, which have further spread the gay rumor.

No matter how much he tries to deny the gay rumors theres [sic] a certain tattoo that seems to haunt him when people see it.

Most SOHH readers are guessing Chingy, but he’s got three albums, not four. Anyone out there have a homo hypothesis?