Gay Blogger Jailed For 9/11 Fund Scam

California-based blogger Patric Ian Henn finds himself behind bars once again for scamming non-profits out of 9/11 relief funds.

Henn, who penned the “Boy About Town” previously spent two years in the clink for scamming the American Red Cross and other organizations out of about $68,000. To get that money, Henn claimed his domestic partner died in the 2001 terrorist attacks. In fact, he had no domestic partner.

After being released in 2006, Henn decided to go on the run, take on a new identity and try blending into the Southern California scene. Too bad he neglected to pay back nearly $29,000 of the stolen dough.

Henn went to prison in 2004 for that crime and was released on probation in 2006. Rather than keep his nose clean, however, Henn went on the run, took on a new identity and attempted to blend into the Southern California scene.

Police caught up with him earlier this month after an acquaintance tipped them off.

For his part, Henn blames his behavior on crystal meth. We blame cold bitchery.