Gay Bloggers Refuse To Legitimate Jeff Gannon

Jeff Gannon hooker escort photo

Serial plagiarist/former hooker/Republican buttboy Jeff Gannon/James Guckert may be doing a panel all by himself in Philadelphia after Queerty friends John Aravosis and Pam Spaulding pulled out at the last minute due to a disagreement with the moderator. John and Pam wanted to discuss Gannon’s sketchy past and the plagiarism scandal during his tenure as a “reporter” for Conservative rag Talon News. The moderator refused to make it an official topic, lending credibility to Jeff Gannon’s new self-appointed position as conservative LGBT blogger/”journalist” (we will not link to his blog, but you can find it on Google).

Having already purchased her plane ticket, Pam plans to go to Philly and do something more fun. We applaud John and Pam’s decision not to sit at a table with a notorious fraud and perpetuate the notion that his opinion matters.

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