“Gay” Bollywood Trailer Shows Skin

While we’re on the subject of India, this here’s the trailer for Dostana, a remake of the 1980 Bollywood classic.

Actors John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan play two men pretending to be gay, but we’re not exactly sure why. Nor does it matter – they’re both fine and the mere illusion’s enough to tickle our fancy. Or something…

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  • Homo Politico

    This is fantastic! I love it. It’s not ideal but this at least creates representation of gay men in India and it’s not in a blasphemous nor overtly negative way. Should spark some interesting dialogue. Go Bollywood!

  • Darth Paul

    I’m not much a fan of pinkface, but Jon Abraham is fine…I’ll give it a try.

  • jack

    i was just wondering while looking at a dance sequence in a flick named AGGAR, why do all the extraordinarily beautiful women leads look like really good transgenders, and the leadig men look UBERgay? they do, really.

  • Woof

    Now I am really confused, here is what Wiki has as the plot for the 1980 version:

    Vijay (Bachchan) and Ravi (Sinha) are best friends who do not even question each other about their careers. Vijay, a police officer and Ravi, a lawyer, while the former catches the criminals who smuggle, Ravi on the other hand bail those criminals, employed by Daaga (Chopra). One day, both Vijay and Ravi meet Sheetal at different places and times, and both fancy the same girl, Sheetal (Aman), but Vijay’s love was more serious. Ravi admits his love for Sheetal to Vijay and is devastated but Vijay decides to sacrifice his love and give Sheetal’s hand. However, there was a misunderstanding when Daaga decided to stir up Vijay and Ravi’s friendship by showing a photo of Vijay and Sheetal to Ravi. They became rivals for the first time and Ravi started to turn to be an enemy of Vijay. Do their friendship recover? Does Ravi get to know the truth? Do Sheetal get back with Vijay?


    Is that what they think Gay men are?
    No wonder they haven’t repealed the law against sodomy. As far as they being “fine”, not in their acting and not physically. But that’s the beauty of our community there’s something for the fancies of everyone and some people do have lower standards in their tastes, mud, charcoal, masala etc.

  • msim

    Contrary to the bitter fascist Churchill-queen who posted right before me, I find John Abraham just about the most beautiful man (with John Amaechi) ever featured on Queerty.

  • dizzy spins

    Indian directors make plenty of serious films, but Bollywood is a silly, kitschy over-the-top genre. Everyone, straight and gay, is parodied. Im not offended.

    And it might be a while before we see the Indian version of “Brokeback Mountain” but at least the two guys are 100 times hotter than Kevin James and Adam Sandler of “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry” or Cuba Gooding and Horatio Sanz of “Boat Trip”

    If they were smart, they release this on DVD in the US. Or at least show it in the gay film festivals.

  • Maharajah

    A few things boys:

    This version of “Dostana” is only related to the past version by name. The storylines are not the same, and obviously, neither is the subject matter.

    As for this film, as an Indian, I am seriously waiting to see the respose by the public. Please do not forget, or rather – be informed – that when “Fire” was released in India (in 1996) that theathers were burned and futher that the film came close to being banned within India. While Bollywood and the metropolitan areas of India may be progressive, the rest of the nation may not take to the film all to well. I think that we can use this as a litmus test for the Indian public when it comes to their acceptance of LGBT issues and lifestyles. More importantly, while the guys are ‘pink-facing’ there is a character in the movie that is not ‘pink-facing’ and shows interests in one of the lead characters (I will not say more – so as to not lead to potential spoilers), and the great news is that it will be handled well.

    As for John Abraham – yes, he is attractive, but not nearly as talented as he could be. He was a model, and even competed (and placed 2nd) in an International Manhunt contest. He is a great dancer (as is a necessity in the Indian film industry for all actors), and he is dating a famous actress – Bipasha Basu.

    As for Abhishek Bachchan – the same can be said. While he is not nearly as attractive – he is the son of one of Bollywoods pioneers – Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. He is married to the incredibly beautiful Aishwarya Rai.

    Now, as for Hott Indian Actors – google Hrithik Roshan. Good looking? He is freaking GORGEOUS! Good Dancer? One of the best that we have.

  • jules

    Well, I’ll take both John Abraham and Priyanka Chopra, thank you very much, but not Abhishek Bachhan. He’s just fugly. And Church Lady, go fuck yourself…because nobody else will, you sad, lonely, racist bitch.

  • Shravani Datta

    Well, “Dostana” is a fun movie – two guys forced to pretend they are gay, and then getting caught up in crazy situations because of this one lie. Yes, the theme is bold (albeit done in a comic style), but its not going to be pathbreaking cinema. And yes, John Abraham is gorgeous, so just enjoy, everyone!!

  • jack

    hrithik doesn’t do it for me, sorry. quite a few cuter out there not trying so hard.

    however… about a year ago, i ran into a video bollywood love song sung by a near naked actor filmed through gauzy curtains. the illusion was quite stunning, as was the actor. the song wasn’t bad either. would love to find it now that i have mastered saving those flash videos to hard drive.

    anybody know of it?

  • @ Maharaj

    There were violent protests against the first lesbian film in India (Fire). True. But don’t exaggerate by saying theatres were burnt. Posters and effigies were burnt. And one or 2 cinemas in mainly Mumbai were the scene of violent protests. But thereafter, Indian public did accept other homosexual themed movies. Didn’t you attend the pride parades??

  • Jaroslaw

    Sorry, really, but I’m with Jack, Hrithik Roshan doesn’t do it for me either. But the guys in this film – YUMMY!

  • Clive

    This is for Jack. The song you are looking for is “Jabse Tere Naina” sung on the screen by Ranbir Kapoor in the film “Saawariya.” Hope you have no trouble finding it on youtube, at least! Good luck!

  • AJ

    John Abraham is beautiful. He acted the role of Narayan in the film “Water” directed by the brilliant Deepa Mehta.

    This Bollywood film should be very … Bollywoodish.

  • jack


    not really…

    i just gave up 3 hours of my live surfing all things ranbir kapoor, and bollywood hunks.

    are directors of bollywood films in effect the cinematographers? i didn’t find a listing off hand, and saawariya is stunningly beautiful. beautiful color palette and very mature visuals. the camera does indeed make love to ranbir.

    despite gossip blurbs a plenty (rock hudson anyone) ranbir reads a 10 on my admittedly soso gaydar.

    now i need a high definition vid of that song, and preferably the director’s cut of the movie, with the bare ass scene the censors made him take out incuded.

    do take the time to check out this clip, i think its soft porn, myself.


  • Puddy Katz

    They are certainly hotter than Adam Sandler and the fat guy in what appears to have been a similarly themed US flick.

  • K

    To answer CHURCHILL-Y
    Unfortunately yes they do

    Hrithik is an OK actor. I saw him in Dhoom 2. He can be pretty however, he has two thumbs on his left hand. He says it brings him luck. It totally freaked me out when I saw it.

    I am quite impressed that Abishek and John even considered playing pseudo gay. I think this film is a long time coming, but it’s not surprising. There are a lot of closeted gays in Bollywood. Give em a few years India will catch up.

    Check out John abraham’s website


    And tell me he’s not HOT!!!

  • hurray!

    Amazing!! It’s not just a Bollywood film with a hugely faux, but still, GAY subplot but it also has 2 very famous stars meaning a lot of India is gonna watch the film. Don’t you see, this is a huge opportunity for spreading gay awareness in India! The stupid homophobic section of India is gonna learn some stuff soon: if two self-respecting superstars with great careers could say yes to a role which portrays them as gay…it can’t be all “bad”. And KJo’s the producer yaar, I’m sure it wont be a cheap misleading “Bobby Darling” parody of gays in India. First the parades, and now this…India’s doors are slowly opening…it’s all gonna change soon! :D

  • mradd

    It may be a re-title of an older ballywood film, but cinematically it looks like a shot for shot remake of the American Remake of “Cage” what with the convertible and the miami and the whatnot…

    does that make sens?

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