Gay Bond Oscar Talk Reveals Actor’s Limits

Sometimes you come across a story that starts in one place and ends somewhere else entirely. Take, for example, this piece from List. We dove in to read what actor Tamer Hassan had to say about his Layer Cake co-star Daniel Craig’s Oscar ambitions.

Craig, says Hassan, wants an Academy Award so badly that he’d do a gay scene in the next James Bond flick: “That’s Daniel dying for an Oscar. Ever since Brokeback Mountain everyone wants to have a gay scene to win an Oscar.” Ah, yes, the gay for gold card. Cute, but not the most original punchline.

While we would have ended there, we wanted to “hear” what else Hassan had to say for himself – and we’re kind of grossed out. With regard to playing gay:

You couldn’t get me doing that though – my son would never forgive me! I’ve got a 16-year-old son, so can you imagine? He would get ridiculed for it. And he’s at a professional soccer club too – can you imagine the dressing room banter?! So, no, they couldn’t get me doing that. They can keep the Oscar and I’ll keep my virginity!

Good God! Is it really so difficult to discuss gay with your son – and address homophobia in his soccer club – that you’d reject a gay role even if it garnered an Oscar? Way to commit…

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  • hells kitchen guy

    No worries, Tamer, no one wants to see your ugly puss pushing tongues with another guy.

  • emb

    I think I’ll be sure to miss his work–he’s obviously holds my demographic in pretty low esteem. I don’t expect him to want to “play gay,” and really couldn’t care less about actors’ roles, but this is is actual personal feelings coming through. Yuck. I hope his son manages to deal with having a smallminded hypermasculine father.

  • todd

    I hope his son is a big fairy.

  • Hefty-Whore

    That’s fine be me, Don’t want you to even “act” gay, not for a moment.

  • Tintin Malfoy

    Who is this douchebag anyway?

  • Shabaka

    Isn’t Tamer gay?

  • Rsquared

    Uh, it’s called “acting” – what a loser.

  • Paul Raposo

    “Ever since Brokeback Mountain everyone wants to have a gay scene to win an Oscar.”

    What he should have said was:

    “Ever since Brokeback Mountain every *straight person* wants to have a gay scene to win an Oscar.”

    God knows Hollywood can’t stand gay people playing gay characters.

    That said, considering he comes from a religion that routinely hangs, stones or beheads homosexuals and lesbians, I’m not surprised by his comments.

  • mikeoutwest

    Who is this guy? Wait, doesn’t matter – the gay mafia will make sure we never hear from him again. BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

  • Jeff

    Way to scapegoat your son for your gay rape fears. What a loser.

  • Snoodle

    They should put him in the new Bond film and have Daniel brutally slaughter him :)

  • dizzyspins

    oh my god–what if the next Bond girl was Indian? Daniel Craig would have to kiss some smelly Turkish girl whose mustache was probably thicker than his! Can you image?!?

    Oh, and Tamer? No one gets an Oscar for playing James Bond, you moron.

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