Revelation Not "Positive"

Gay Booted From Georgian Reality Show

20-year old Pako Tabatadze made history when he became the first Georgian national to come out on national television. Unfortunately, the show’s producers weren’t feeling celebratory.

A contestant on GeoBar, a Georgian reality TV show, was expelled after saying on the first episode that he was gay.

Koba Davarashvili, the general director of Rustavi 2 TV, which broadcasts the highly popular show, confirmed on October 14 that the decision to expel Pako Tabatadze, 20, had been taken because of his on-air candor.

“GeoBar is a project, which first and foremost, should show young people’s relationships and their drive for victory from a positive angle,” Davarashvili said.

And gay relationships are definitely not positive. In fact, our love lives are the most negative force in this entire world – except, perhaps, discrimination.