Integrity Questioned After Undercover Entrapment

Gay Boy In Blue Sacked

Former New York City cop Jai Aiken won’t be having a happy holiday. Commissioner Ray Kelly confirmed that Aiken has been let go:

A gay cop stung by an undercover detective posing as a potential lover was fired after refusing to drop a lawsuit and rejecting a medical board’s approval of a disability pension.

“It was a very unfair thing,” said Jai Aiken, 40, after Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly backed an NYPD internal judge’s finding that he failed “integrity tests.”

“Kelly didn’t look at the situation,” said Aiken. “They were taking everything from me.”

Aiken came under scrutiny after a tipster told police he helped peddle stolen weapons. The allegations led to an investigation during which an undercover officer pretended to be a potential lover and tricked Aiken into buying a stolen iPod.

Aiken eventually filed a lawsuit against the city. The city agreed to give him pension if he dropped the suit, but Aiken refused. He’s now jobless, reportedly penniless and looking for justice.