Spain Celebrates Brave New Retail World

Gay Bridal Shop Makes Gay Brides Blush

Santiago Porrero‘s one enterprising entrepreneur.

The Mexican business man opens his new gay bridal shop in Barcelona today. The first of its kind, the unironically named “By” features all the trimmings for a blushing – and wealthy – male bride: glittering rings, matching bathrobes and gold stitched suits, which also explains the name: “It is called By because each person can have a unique creation by one of our designers.” Thanks for clearing that up.

Porrerro explains that he chose Barcelona not only due to it’s homo friendly attitude, but also because Spain legalized gay marriage back in 2005, thus giving Porrero a ready-made market.

I saw the opportunity to do business after the law was approved. I didn’t know of any other country that had a shop or boutique for gay weddings. It was obvious that gays, who also marry, needed their own bride shop.

How selfless of you, Mr. Porrero. And yes, you’re right, gays do need their own bridal shop.

Quite honestly, the mere idea that a gay man would buy his tuxedo anywhere but a specific gay bridal shop makes us sick.