Gay Brother Of Alleged “Famous Singer” Ariana Grande To Appear On ‘Big Brother 16’

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 11.04.03 AMA person named Frankie J Grande, the gay half-brother of a struggling pop “singer” called Ariana Grande, has been cast on the upcoming 16th season of America’s favorite summertime reality show, Big Brother.

Show host Julie Chen has been announcing some major twists for the upcoming season over the last week, including a totally new structure for voting people out of the house, new opportunities to obtain power, and a “tree house” theme that makes the house seem more eco-conscious. This is not the first time the show has cast an insufferable gay man that is going to drive everyone crazy within the first two hours, but it will hopefully be the first time an insufferable gay man is voted out the first week.

Grande, an unemployed “YouTuber” and “social media personality” with a french manicure, says he auditioned for the show because he “always thought [he] was funny and should have [his] own reality show.”

He can be seen in his first pre-show interview below, during which he constantly gropes and shrieks at the interviewer, former BB 11 and 13 houseguest Jeff Schroeder. “There is a possibility I will be recognized [in the house],” he says. LOL!

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  • Jimi

    What a thoroughly unpleasant article. Any reason for such a negative slant?

  • Aromaeus

    Why the quotation marks around “singer”? The girl is working on her second album and her newest single from it is a chart topper as were many of her previous albums singles. Da fuq queerty?

  • Chico

    @Aromaeus: I was wondering the same thing. Where do they get the idea that she’s struggling as well?

  • jezuzchrist

    Struggling pop “singer” called Ariana Grande? Really queerty? Funny, last time I checked, her album Yours Truly is number one in the US.

  • xzall

    Considering that Ariana Grande has had the number 2 song in the country for the past 4 weeks ( currently #3) and has topped the itunes chart for several weeks in a row, I’m not sure where the Queerty writer got the idea she’s a struggling singer.

  • lykeitiz

    Oh, this is priceless. Ariana Grande is being thrown shade and having her fame questioned by a website that grants full interviews to porn “stars” and random escorts. Then also in quotes, they call her brother an unemployed “You Tuber” and “social media personality”. Really? By the way Queerty…when’s your next Davey Wavey feature?

  • jezuzchrist

    @lykeitiz: Or when’s your next Tom Daley update? I can’t wait to be told what gay crap to like or not like next.

  • DB75

    Not for nothing – no one is a real “singer” anymore. Everyone is digitally enhanced these days. A little auto-tune and everyone is calling themselves a “singer”. *eye roll*

  • lykeitiz

    @jezuzchrist: Exactly! Your name sums it up!

  • jcortez

    What’s with the shade on the Grande family? Did they hurt you?

  • gskorich

    was ariana grande mean to you or something? or are you jealous of her pony tail?

  • DB75

    @biggayal: That’s your opinion. I stand by my statement. The music of hers I have heard is nothing but over bassed noise. I guess my standards of what makes one a singer must be higher than yours.

  • ChgoReason

    Whoa! The negativity in this article! WTH?!

  • deadlynightshade

    I wonder what the Grande family did to the author of this post. So much unnecessary hate.

  • Alan down in Florida

    @DB75: Ariana Grande has been called the new Mariah Carey and has performed live at the White House for President Obama along with others such a Aretha Franklin, Patti Labelle, Melissa Etheridge, Jill Scott, Janelle Monae, and Tessanne Chin (winner of The Voice). Not only a singer, Ariana spent several years on the Nickelodeon series Victorious and is currently starring on Sam & Cat, also a series on Nickelodeon. I’m 60 and I know this – learn a little pop culture.

  • DB75

    @Alan down in Florida: Do not assume to lecture me or tell me what to do. I have a right to my own opinion. Excuse the fuck out of me for not thinking her brand of entertainment to be my cup of tea.

  • nf0603

    WTF? The bias in your articles can veer on ridiculous (like when you trashed Jonah Hill as someone who only does movies with fart jokes, convieniently ignoring his Oscar nominations and that him and Rogen’s comedies are generally well-received critically… but then again, you still like Glee — a show NOBODY watches anymore. Most gay men I know would take Hill’s movies over Glee anyday), but this takes the cake. I am NOT Ariana Grande’s target demo a and I don’t care for her music because it’s not my thing, but she is coming off a #1 single that is still riding high on itunes… maybe if you stopped fawning so much over Gaga (Grande’s career is in much better shape now than her), you’d realize such small trivialities by checking your info before posting biased articles.

  • moonman157

    According to Queerty, Davey Wavey is a bigger star than Ariana Grande

  • bobbyjoe

    Yes, watch that interview hosted by Jeff Schroeder– you know, the guy who made repeated anti-gay slurs, but whom CBS’ Big Brother still proudly employs.

    Big Brother’s producers wallow in bigotry, so when the inevitable hate speech starts spewing from at least one of their contestants this summer, let’s remember two things: 1) CBS has had a year to improve their screening processes to prevent garbage like last season’s bigot-fest from happening again (so there’s NO excuse the network should be able to hide behind when it starts happening this time) and 2) they’ve also had a year to improve how they handle it if it starts. With all of these “twists,” it would be pretty easy to invoke a rule NOW that hate speech will get you booted (or at least immediately put up on the block).

    Keeping those two things in mind, remember that when bigotry rears its ugly head again this summer, CBS has no more excuses, and its only by BB producers’ design that its still there.

  • boombazookajoe

    Why is the author being so rotten!? Ariana is extremely talented, and Frankie is charming and goofy/fun. He’ll probably be a delight, and though I’ve never cared for or watched Big Brother, I may consider to see what he adds to the house.

  • grapeexpectations

    I dont understand the hate on ariana, but Frankie is one of the most annoying unfunny people ive ever known.

  • Southstguy

    She’s clearly successful, but ugh he has to be the most annoying and desperate celebrity sibling since Lindsay’s “I don’t wanna be a Lohan but I wanna look like Lindsay” half-sister.

  • Lvng1tor

    Ok, I actually just popped on this article cause I knew the comments would be all..Leave Ariana alone…ala Crocker…and I was right…fun stuff…but I do have to say the article is really pissy. Even for queerty.

  • Dlist

    What bothers me most is he lied about being a “struggling artist.” His mother is the CEO of a pretty big company. He went to Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA and his parents would send him a helicopter to go shopping at the King of Prussia Mall near Philadelphia. his family has always been loaded. This was a decade ago when Ariana would have been 8 or 9. Long before her career took off.

  • siltor67

    sorry but this girl can’t sing.. she screams..and that aint singin’

  • seaguy

    When I first heard this I was like who the hell is Ariana Grande? Looks like they picked a big ole flaming queen with this one. Doubt he will last long in the house.

  • jayj150

    Her first album debuted at number 1 on Billboard, her current single has been the #2 song in the country for over a month now. That doesn’t sound bad to me at all; strange it seems unimpressive to Queerty, the same site that repeatedly refers to t3anny Laverne Cox as a ‘super star’ and ‘icon’ for having a secondary character on a cable show.

  • Paco

    I have never heard of him or his sister, but I do agree with others here…
    This opinion piece masquerading as an article was very bitchy.

  • Sebizzar

    @DB75: Lol, I bet you were standing next to the hater, er, author of this article when it was typed out.

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