Gay Brother Of Alleged “Famous Singer” Ariana Grande To Appear On ‘Big Brother 16’

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 11.04.03 AMA person named Frankie J Grande, the gay half-brother of a struggling pop “singer” called Ariana Grande, has been cast on the upcoming 16th season of America’s favorite summertime reality show, Big Brother.

Show host Julie Chen has been announcing some major twists for the upcoming season over the last week, including a totally new structure for voting people out of the house, new opportunities to obtain power, and a “tree house” theme that makes the house seem more eco-conscious. This is not the first time the show has cast an insufferable gay man that is going to drive everyone crazy within the first two hours, but it will hopefully be the first time an insufferable gay man is voted out the first week.

Grande, an unemployed “YouTuber” and “social media personality” with a french manicure, says he auditioned for the show because he “always thought [he] was funny and should have [his] own reality show.”

He can be seen in his first pre-show interview below, during which he constantly gropes and shrieks at the interviewer, former BB 11 and 13 houseguest Jeff Schroeder. “There is a possibility I will be recognized [in the house],” he says. LOL!