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Gay Brother Tries To Teach Straight Sibling About Tops And Bottoms, Mostly Gets It Wrong

Some brothers teach their siblings how to play ball or drive a car or how to talk to the opposite sex, but in these modern times in which we live it pays to educate family members how to read, throw shade and tell the difference between a top and a bottom. Some folks practically have their Master’s degrees in this fine art, like this guy or these gentlemen. Then there’s this gay guy in the video below who attempts to help his older straight brother learn to speak gay slang. Unfortunately, he seems more interested in fucking with his bro, who is already surprising adept at certain queer terms, at least about what makes a guy a top or a bottom. He soon learns there’s a word for everything. “It’s all glitter and rimming in the gay community,” his gay bro informs.

Check out the educational video below.