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Gay Bus, The Web Video Game Where Players Mow Over Gay Sailors To Get An Appletini

An exciting (and incredibly simplistic) web video game lets users mow over gay men in sailor outfits as they race a bus to get to the gay bar. That sounds like fun! Update: The game’s creator says it was a stupid project and he’s working to get it pulled offline. Update 2: The game has been pulled.

The game Gay Bus actually isn’t new; it’s listed with a submission date of January 2007. And it’s the work of British student Ryan Pridgeon, who enjoys “programming, art, skateboarding and creating music,” according to his profile on, the 11-year-old Flash games and animation site that hosts the game. Ryan “got sick of a few LGBT activists carrying out personal attacks,” he says about why he created the game. “I have nothing against any group of people, but apparently comedy isn’t allowed. Sorry.”

Ah, yes, comedy! That’s what we call running over gays.

Navigating the game is incredibly easy: Just press play, and use your keyboard’s arrows to move the bus across the screen and into the bodies of homosexual sailors. Upon completion, the Village People’s “YMCA” plays.

Ryan, a 18-year-old southwest England native writes on his blog’s bio: “In my spare time, I like to program and create cool things for you all to see and play with. I started on this road when I was 8 years old, creating simple games using GIF animations and HTML/Javascript. As time moved on I found (formerly) Macromedia’s Flash 5. This is where I really started programming in Actionscript. These days I am proficient with C/C++, Flash Actionscript 2 & 3, HTML/CSS, PHP & MySQL, Visual Basic.NET and C#. Most of my projects are either C++ or Flash Actionscript 3. In C & C++ I make use of the libraries SDL and OpenGL for games, or Nokia’s Qt Toolkit for GUI applications, which are all absolutely awesome.”

Always lovely to see a young man put his talents to good use. Though I’m surprise Apple’s app store hasn’t cleared this one for launch yet.

UPDATE: Ryan writes in that he’s trying to correct his youthful mistakes: “I made that game years ago as a stupid kid. I have nothing against gay people, or any people, and now my life is near ruin because of your actions. I’ve already requested that the game be removed.”

UPDATE 2: The game was pulled at Ryan’s request by by, which issued this “eulogy”: