Campers Get Catty Over Florida Snub, Rant About Being Excluded From ‘Annual Public Cavity Search’


Apparently gay camping is a thing now, according to a trend piece out of South Florida. But wait, how is this new? Didn’t queers invent camp?

Ohhhh, you mean like outdoorsy-camping. Okay. Well, that makes a little more sense: out there in the woods, only a tent between you and the wild, cuddling with a friend in the dark or skinny-dipping in an isolated lake — frankly, camping sounds like the gayest thing a person can do.

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A few observations from the South Florida Gay News‘s hard-hitting expose on the phenomenon: there are actual gay campgrounds, just like you find gay ghettos in cities. And not too surprisingly, those campgrounds tend to be located very close to urban areas.

Such places are dotted all over the south — including three in Tennessee, good grief. Yeah, if you’re a gay man living in Memphis, it totally makes sense that you’d want to flee into the hills where nobody’s going to find or bother you.

But as always seems to happen when gay people assemble, gay camping is apparently not without its drama. The SFGN‘s article about gay camping lists a variety of Florida gay campgrounds, but omits one called Vitambi Springs. And a couple of commenters seem to have taken that very, very personally.

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“I believe we are about 6,000 members strong,” says one Vitambi camper, “maybe they should have insisted on a less biased, more objective (and way less catty in a passive aggressive way) article.”

Another commenter writes, “[W]e were intentionally snubbed by the writer…we hesitated to invite back the author on the weekend of his choosing to undergo our annual public cavity search… Frankly, I’m embarrassed by his self-righteous pettiness. I just don’t relate to his view of what makes camping special.”

The comment concludes, “He allowed his agenda to Trump the interest of the community and nobody appreciates a bully.”

Sure seems like a fun community!

Oh Florida, never change.

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