Hate Crime

Gay Canadian man claims police did nothing after he reported being violently assaulted by a gang

Shane Daum. Screenshot via Global News

Shane Daum, a 43-year-old Canadian man, has gone public with allegations that police did nothing after he reported being assaulted by a group of seven individuals while camping in British Columbia last month.

Daum went camping with his dog 20 minutes north of Summerland at Crump Recreation Site in June.  While there, he says a group of seven people surrounded his campsite, subdued his dog, and began to beat him.

“I was surrounded and I started walking backwards. I looked to see where my dog was and they had him held,” Daum says. “That’s when I had my head turned and one guy hit me. I lost consciousness.”

Daum also says he’s not sure how long the attack went on. “I lost consciousness four or five times,” he adds.

According to Daum, the group targeted him after recognizing him from shopping in a nearby grocery store with his boyfriend.

“They were calling me a f*ggot, a pedophile, because my then-boyfriend was a younger [man] but he looks way younger [then he actually is],” says Daum.

A nearby camper witnessed the assault and called law enforcement. When they arrived, Daum filed a report with the Royal Canadain Mounted Police. An ambulance took Daum to a nearby hospital, where doctors diagnosed him with a concussion. Law enforcement, however, made no arrests.

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“I can confirm Mr. Daum was assaulted,” said Cpl. James Grandy, a Penticton RCMP officer, via an email statement. “However, on that day, there was insufficient evidence to arrest any particular person, which included no independent witnesses to identify any particular accused at the time.”

Grandy also says that the investigation is ongoing, and that police would like Daum to provide additional statements. For Daum, however, the system has already failed.

“I just feel let down by the whole system,” Daum says. “[I’m] hurt beyond all meaning. It’s hard enough coming out and trying to get accepted,” he said. “I have panic attacks and severe anxiety. It’s gotten to the point where my doctor has put me on Ativan [a medication prescribed for sleep aid].”

In lieu of criminal charges, Daum says he plans to file a civil suit against his attackers.