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Gay candidate has epic clap back for police union that called him a “first class wh*re”

Let it be known that New York city councilman Ritchie Torres does not suffer homophobic police officers who hide behind Twitter accounts.

Torres, who’s currently running for Congress in New York, has been in bitter back-and-forth with NYPD union leader Ed Mullins over a tweet sent from the Sergeants Benevolent Association official Twitter page last week.

Mullins is the president of SBA, which represents around 13,000 active and retired police sergeants. The since-deleted tweet, sent on September 4, read:

He we go America this is what a first class whore looks like RITCHIE TORRES. Passes laws to defund police, supports criminals, & now because he’s running for office he blames the police to protect what he voted for. Remember Little Ritchie? Meet LYING RITCHIE.

It also included a video of Torres criticizing the NYPD for its failures in making gun arrests and solving gun-related cases, as well as the rise in shootings over the past year.

SBA’s tweet caused quite a stir on social media, with many calling it out for being both racist and homophobic.

Shortly after it was posted, Torres highlighted the many, many times SBA has attacked people from minority groups and called on Mullins to step down as the union’s leader.

“Calling a black NFL player a ‘wild animal.’ Calling a Latina Health Commissioner a ‘bitch.’ Calling an openly LGBTQ Afro-Latino a first-class whore.’ There is NOTHING benevolent about the bigotry of the @SBANYPD. Ed Mullins must resign,” he wrote.

Not surprisingly, Mullins has refused to accept any responsibility whatsoever. In a statement, he said he’ll “never resign” and that the comments about Torres “had nothing to do with his race, ethnicity or sexual orientation.” Then he tried turning the tables on Torres by saying “he should be the one to resign.”

Mullins followed that up with an appearance on a local morning radio show, during which he further denied accusations of homophobia, saying he couldn’t possibly be antigay because he grew up in Greenwich Village, which everyone knows is a gay hub in New York City.

After hearing this, Torres tweeted an epic burn, writing: “I owe Ed an apology: I put too much emphasis on your history of hate speech. Your time spent in the Village clearly makes you an ally.”

Torres is forecasted to win his election in November. If that happens, he’ll become the first openly gay member of Congress who is either Black or Latinx.

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