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Is a gay Captain America coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Still swimming in cash after the boffo box office performance of Avengers: Endgame, Marvel has signaled it will add three diverse new Captain Americas to its cinematic universe: one female, one black and one gay.

All three characters already exist in the comic book universe, and may or may not take on the actual title of Captain America. That distinction goes to Sam Wilson, formerly known as Falcon, played in the movies by Anthonie Mackie. Wilson took on the Captain America identity–a distinct role of leadership among the Marvel superheroes–after the retirement of original hero Steve Rodgers.

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According to reports, Peggy Carter–Steve Rodgers’ sometime love interest–will take on the title of Captain Britain. The gay version of the character will be embodied by America Chavez’s Miss America, while Eli Bradley–also known as Patriot–will become the black version. All three characters have already appeared in Marvel Comics and found a devoted readership.

Marvel Studios has yet to make an official announcement, though the inclusion of the three new characters would seem to gel with the studio’s push for greater diversity. Already the studio has announced that the film version of The Eternals will feature a gay lead, speculated to be the character Ikarus played by Richard Madden.